Z is today what it was always meant to be.
Z runs Zigzagged and does it Zealously.
Three lines make Z long and lean and sharp it does looks.
So sad to say it didn’t earn very many pages in the book.
But Z has the strength of Zeus and well not be dismissed.
Z rides at the end of the Alphabet to collect the fair Maiden’s kiss.

April was Poetry Month so in its honor I give you a quick little poem. And to the end of the April A – Z Challenge it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. There are some wonderful bloggers out there. This challenge brought out so many of them. Thank You all. I learned so much.

And now for the Scrabble and Word game players! (These words are not capitalized in the dictionary.) Looking into the dictionary for a word a day will help you so many times with your vocabulary for the games and your brain.

Z can’t seem to make up its mind and sometimes has words spelled two different ways you will find!

Za, Zaddik (also can be spelled tZaddik), Zaffer, Zaftig(also can be spelled Zoftig), Zag,Zaibatsu, Zaire, Zamia, Zamindar(also can be spelled Zemindar), Zander, Zap, Zapateado, Zapateo, Zareba (also can be spelled Zareeba), Zarf, Zaxis, Zero, Zeta, Zinc, Zoom, Zonk, Zouk, Zwitterion, Zydeco, and yes this was a surprise to me ZZZ is in the dictionary used to represent the sound of a person snoring.


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