Good Morning to you all! I have to say I really enjoyed the A-Z Challenge. And it was quite the challenge for me. As you all know I am not a daily blogger. In fact I sometimes am not even a weekly blogger if that. So this was a lot of work for me but I really did have fun and learned a lot with it. Thank You all who followed and Thank all of you great bloggers out there who shared in this adventure.

There are many things that happen to you as a child. Some are good memories and some are not. I choose to remember all the good I can. Today is the anniversary of my Dad’s passing about 37 years ago. My dad taught me many good things and as I was thinking of my dad and our time together, I remembered these thoughts of good things my dad taught me.

My Father taught me many things.

One of which gave me wings.

Knowledge, that gave me Independence to be on my own,

that is one of the important lessons I was shown.

Another very important fact, face life with a smile, it will take you many a mile.

He believed an apple and a walk a day will help keep the doctors away.

He loved nature and the country side and said it was a great place to be.

There are so many wondrous things to see.

But most of all he had a love of learning and reading.

And with his book that was his favorite thing for the evening.

He said you are never too old to learn,

You don’t want your mind to burn.

He taught me how much in a book you could see,

While reading you can go anywhere you want to be.

Thank you Dad for all the good things your shared with me!


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