This month is one of my favorite months because I love to work in the garden. I end up stiff as a board usually but I will dig in the dirt till I just can’t anymore.

Today is Sunny and going to be warm. It will be a good day to work in the garden. I just wish I could figure a way to outsmart the weeds. They are always ahead of me. I clean one area out and move to another, when I go back to check the first section the weeds are coming up again. What do you do? If only everything would grow so well.

Gardening is therapeutic. It is life coming up again and again and its results are beautiful. I hope you all enjoy my little jingle and have a wonderful day!

Good Morning, Good Morning, I say to you all.

Up at 5 am seems to be my call.

My garden waits for the work to get done.

It is waiting for me, I am the one.

I pick up the weeds that get in the way.

The flowers most definitely have something to say.

They are starting to bloom and want all the attention,

They are very spoiled did I mention?

The trees all need trimming so new buds will grow.

Sometimes it is too much work this I know.

But the pleasure of my hands in the dirt,

it is more than enough of an extra perk.

And then when the blooms do show their beautiful face.

I know that the garden is my very special place.

So I go out again at this early hour.

Hoping to see all the new plants start to flower.

Wishing that the weeds did not again appear,

that is always my biggest fear!!

And sure enough just as I thought,

they snuck up again, oh please tell me not!


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