Some interesting thoughts came to mind last night. It is an “I wonder” type of question. Those kinds of questions won’t cause everyone to go running out and change their ways but it is an interesting concept to think about if they did. Would this be a better world?? Would it change things? Would it work? I wonder?

I was talking to someone who complained about all the people she knew gave her trouble, they did this, they did that type of thing. “It isn’t me,” was always her answer. I started to think well we all come across people in our lives that may give us some problems, not everyone likes everyone, but not everyone we meet. It seems to me if that is happening to someone then it might just be them with the problem. Maybe that person should look in the mirror was my thought. But then most people look in mirrors at the surface and how they look. We don’t always think about real beauty comes from the heart and soul.

Then I wondered what if we didn’t have mirrors. Instead of looking in the mirror to see how we look every day, what would it be like if we just relied on the eyes of others to be our mirror? That reflection would show the real beauty of a person, and that would be how they interact with their fellow beings. NOW at least we could use the eyes and reactions of all our friends and family to see the how we are treating them because we would see it in their eyes. If kind gentle words come out to everyone we come across then when people looked us they would see beauty radiating from us, from our hearts to them. Then we would see that through their eyes and would know we looked good today. If we are bitter, rude, mean and hurt people all the time, then the people’s eyes would reflect that ugliness and when we looked into their eyes we could see how ugly we are when we acted like that. There is no better mirror made than what comes from the heart. Would that not be a good gage of what really makes a beautiful person or not? I wonder? I know I will make a point to always try to put out from my heart good thoughts for others and treat them well and I know when I look in the mirror I will look deeper than my face and appearance. Hopefully it will make a difference somehow! I wonder?



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3 responses to ““I WONDER”

  1. Thank You Denise, it lead to all kinds of I wonders for me.

  2. This really made me think because two people have been very upset with me this week, and others thought I was an angel. I guess it depends on how selfless we are, and I hope to always be guilty of that.

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