I have not progressed well in my word count for NaNo this year. A lot of distractions have circled around me and made camp. I remember the show Wagon Train when all the wagons circled around to protect themselves from attackers. Well I stayed in my circle but the distractions put one around me and I am working on finding a way out! LOL!

This year I am learning a lot and I wrote this about that:

“I think in this world you can be too young to learn some things. But Thank God we are never too old to learn many things that we need to learn!” Lg

This poem is about that for me. It is a bit long and dark but it was very enlightening for me! Sometimes things just come out of your head on to the paper as is!

The Prison
It was so cold and wet and the air smelled of human waste,
and of bodies which hadn’t seen or bathed in water, let alone had its taste.
Add to the mixture the smell of blood and death,
fouling the air so much you could not catch your breath.
It was the worst prison in the world, its warden the cruelest of cruel.
The fear was unbearable, but trying to fight it only made her a fool.
The warden had it out for her; she knew she could not stay.
In her thoughts she wanted freedom but believed there was no way.
Then it got to be that the battle was much too rough.
She began to cower and hide instead of getting tough.
The warden laughed as she shook with fear.
“This is my hell and to my music you will dance, my dear.”
She would wait until she found an open door
and one day it came and this life she could live no more.
This time she had to step outside to see,
where she could run and find a place to be free.
All she ever knew was this gnawing fear…
now she had the feeling her end was near.
The chance came up and she ran fast, leaving it all behind in the past.
She didn’t believe he could find her, but there he was and a thought did occur.
If she really tried she could hide
maybe he would go away, but she had to decide.
She now understood the truth; she would have to face the facts.
She would have to be very strong and take her life back.
It is time she stood up, this life was for her no more,
it was time for her to shut that prison door.
The fear was tearing her apart. It was breaking her heart.
No matter how hard she tried, there was no escape, so she cried.
Then one day a mirror she passed. The shock of what she saw made her gasp.
The warden of this pain and fear, all of a sudden became crystal clear.
She had the key all along. She had been told things all wrong.
This prison she had lived in all her life,
was in fact just herself that kept her in this strife.
At that moment the warden arrived again and he asked her to be his friend.
She laughed long and hard. She now knew she held the winning card.
She smiled a shining smile, telling him,
“It is to my music you will dance,
I win!”


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