Keeping My Attitude Up! (THIS IS A RE-RUN)

This is a Re-run but a needed reminder for me.

Writingwildly by Linda Garcia


Again I find my writing has seemed to stall.  I think if you go back into my blog (about the second maybe 3rd page) and read “THE SLEEP ROBBER” you will understand  part of the reason.  And with that comes my attitude which again needs adjusting and reviving.  Things have happened that got in the way of my working on my attitude which is a constant job.  I feel we are all in charge of our attitudes and like all work it is something you have to do every day.  So I apologize for the hit and miss blogging and this re-run.  I am working on the attitude and some new posts.  I thank you all so much for your patience and your support by following me.   I appreciate your patience.  Hopefully you will find that it has been worth it.  So…

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