Good Morning!  Or is it Good nite!  Sometimes I am not sure.  Today I am reposting a poem I wrote.  It has been posted before but I am seeing so many people lately having trouble sleeping.   Normally I don’t like to give advice.  But I would like to say to these people and anyone having problem sleeping to do themselves a favor.  If it is happening more and more, PLEASE,  PLEASE,  get a check up or some help.  I am not promoting  pills or any particular treatment. I can not take the pills plus I hate to see anyone get so they need them because of the danger of side effects and addictions.  BUT I am not saying don’t take some if you need to per Doctor’s advice just be careful.  That is why it is important to catch it early.  Check to see if there is a health issue causing it or maybe someone to talk to if you have something really bothering your mind.    Or do some changes to your habits that may be interfering with it but do yourself a big favor and stop it before it is a forever cycle.   Seriously I just do not want to see anyone go through what can turn into a nightmare and very unhealthy pattern.  It can  cause all kinds of issues.   Ok enough lecture, lol.    This one of the reasons my posts are not on a regular schedule.  Lack of sleep can really interfere with your life.  So to everyone  SLEEP WELL!

The Sleep Robber

It comes at night so you can’t sleep

It wants your mind for it to keep

It takes control without you inviting it in

You close your eyes but you know it will win

Make a point of thought so deep

It comes at night when you can’t sleep

You try a good thought in your mind

But it always comes is the truth you find


It took what it came for, leaving you drained

It definitely can cause you to be a bit insane

It comes at night when you can’t sleep

It does not walk in it just does creep


Nothing worked try as you may

A rude reality, suddenly it is day

It did not walk in it did creep

It comes at night when you can’t sleep



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One response to “SLEEP AND THE LACK OF

  1. Marilyn

    Lovely Friend,
    Well stated and your beginning paragraph is a gift to all. You give life to the unseen and unheard and I am so grateful for your insights and poetry.
    xoxoxomxoxoox ❤

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