The Poetry Corner: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


Sometimes it sneaks in from where you don’t know.

The way your mind and heart are reacting they say so.

Love has struck you and swept you away

It has control, there is nothing  you can say.

As time goes on it changes in many ways.

If it is strong  it will last you throughout your days.

Love can break your heart as if it were a toy,

Or its power when right will fill you with joy.

It is not luck that has come to you,

Hard work it is done by two.

It will not always be a walk in the park.

But true love is your candle in the dark.

Even when times are tough,

together you will get through when things are rough.

And if you hit that home run,

there will always be a shining sun!


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One response to “The Poetry Corner: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  1. Marilyn

    Sweet and Precious Linda,
    I love, love, love your poem ❤
    You have a poet's heart ❤
    ❤ marilyn ❤

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