My poems were so different when I was young.  I started so many years ago and hid them all in a box.  I got rid of most of them.  In 1967 I had a great English teacher that believed in me.  She helped me get my first poem published.  It was published in a school magazine and also a book that you entered a contest to get in.  It actually has been republished several times.     I thought I would post it today and you can see there is a bit of a change in my thoughts,lol .  I would hope so since I will be 65 this year and if there is not change in our thoughts in all that time something is wrong!   Now 1967 for some might be too young to understand all that was going on at that time.  Some will remember too well.  I hope you enjoy!







Received at the tender age of two,

It is fake

Again at the age of eight, a new model but still not real 

Now he’s taught that the gun is to kill


At fifteen a still newer model

But this time to hunt


At seventeen a better one yet

But this time it’s really out to get.


Not the deer, the rabbit, or a tin can

This target is a human man.

Shipped over to a far away place

Start shooting at every different face.

Died at the age nineteen with the gun that started his death at two.

This child could be any one of you.



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  1. Marilyn

    So incredibly powerful, Linda!!! It is as relevant today as it was in 1967…only now it could happen next door or at the mall….
    Thank you so much for letting me read this jewel!!!

  2. Hi Linda,
    I enjoyed “The Gun” as I too wrote similar poetry in the 1960s and 1970s. My contribution to the anti-war movement was “Jack’s Ballad” (1966). This was used as a chant at many national anti-war rallies. It is included in my anthology, “Prescriptions from the Rhyme Doctor”. Almost 50 years later, my thoughts on war have hardly changed at all.

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