First I would like to say WOW!   Have you seen all the wonderful Poetry there is here on WordPress for National Poetry month! Lots of very talented People out there and I am learning a lot from them. Thank you all for sharing.

Now about my poem here: I have a computer. I also have two kindles which I received as gifts. Do I like them? Yes I do. BUT! BUT! BUT! I still love a real book. I have too many of course even some from when I was a little girl (a VERY LONG time ago, lol). I even kept a lot of my boy’s books which I handed over to my grandkids. My sons and hubby didn’t like all the times we moved to move those books but I love books.  Books are beautiful. They have substance and texture and hopefully if you pick right great words. They are works of art. We should keep them around even with all the new ways to read a story. This poem is a rant on keeping the book.






Opening windows here and there.

Opening screens everywhere.

Who would have thought the pen is dead.

Now we have laptops instead.


If that was not bad enough,

they want to get rid of books in place of that stuff.

No books you say, I think I might die.

And most people will ask, why?


There is no way to take them away,

it is wrong I will say.

Open a book anywhere you go,

there is always something you will want to know.

Books and their words should be here forever,

they help make people very clever.


You cannot do this I stand up and shout

There is more a book is about.

What happens when the machines breaks,

and all the books away you did take?

All the wondrous words lost,

that will be at a very high cost.

Books are to be held in your hand,

to see the words that helps your mind expand.

The smell and the texture of the book you do hold,

is what makes it a special experience so bold.

There is a feeling of holding it and the turning of the page,

What will it hold you ask is more wisdom than a sage?


To receive a book is truly a gift.

It most certainly will give you a lift.

All the beautiful words they keep,

there is nothing like a good book to make you think deep.

Maybe an adventure into a foreign land,

or a trip back in time unplanned.

Whatever it may be it opens your mind,

and tickles your senses to many ventures you will find.


It can be used as a tutor,

sure you can read the book on a computer.

But the experience is lost, and at such a high cost.


So pick up a book today.

Hold it, read it and experience it in a new way.

See its value and appreciate it today.

For Reading a book is like a pleasant breeze.

It blows new thoughts into your head for you to seize.

That is what it takes for your mind to be fed.






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