Good Morning to all! I am so enjoying all the poetry being shared this month. It is so amazing to me to see that there is still so many that love poetry. Poetry is a great tool to express feelings to yourself, friends, family and even strangers. And by reading all this fantastic poems, I see how so many use it for that.  Thank you all for sharing with us!


I normally don’t talk about this on my blog but I wanted to share this poem because I know a few people who are going through some really hard health issues right now and Poetry is such an excellent way to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

I have some health issues that I have dealt with for years.   But in 2002 I got sucker punched with a surprising one for me.  I had to have brain surgery and then another one in 2006. I know so many people know how health issues can scare you and change you.   I don’t want this to be about that but it helps explain this poem.   I can say I don’t think I had ever been that scared.   Poetry is such an excellent way to express one’s thoughts and feelings.   Everyone handles things different and has different beliefs.  This is the way I handled it.    I wrote this poem to God.   He read it and answered my prayer.


The Answered Prayer


The shock of it has brought me to my knees.

And I ask you God please,

help me through this.

I don’t want it to be my time.

I love You and want to be with You one day.

But I still have my sons & grandchildren I want to watch play.

I want to see them grow and of  YOU and Your wonder  for them to know.

I want to see Your beauty and Your wonderful gifts.

I ask please for more time with my best friend,

You joined us long ago and I love him so.

To feel Your air and see Your flowers,

to climb Your hills and know Your power.

I will follow Your will as you wish,

and do it gladly and thank You so.

But I will miss all the gifts I have gotten to know.

You have given me so much here,

and it is in sadness and a bit of fear,

I ask You God help me be true,

to face this thing that I must do.

Whatever You do decide,

may I be strong and in Your will abide



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  1. Poetry is like song – it does help with our journeys

  2. Marilyn

    Oh my, a river of peace runs through this poem…

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