The Spring Bonnet is on!

March 25, 2015

I want to write.   I don’t know why I am so tied up.  This last year or so has been full of unexpected things, some wonderful, some not.  But it has put a block on the writing but I have been doing many things to clean out old “junk” in my life including the block.  But for now here are just some thoughts on Spring.

So today I open the window and let the cold side of cool air blows in, looking at a great view of Mother Nature anxiously removing her winter coat and putting on her Spring Bonnet!   The rain is on the side of a hard drizzle whispering her song.  She sings of the passing of winter which makes her weep she says.  But secretly she smiles; glad to be rid of the old grouch winter.  She thrives on the song of the sun and the gifts Mother Nature puts out when it comes out.  Even the rain wants to be warm and free of the cumbersome things needed and required to do to protect oneself from Old grouch winter’s wrath.   Oh it has its beauty and its wonder and its fun!  It is still so much work and many times rewarded with havoc.

Spring even at its coldest shows hope and promise of wondrous things blooming everywhere shows us the way to summer and fun and games in the sunshine.  Yes the rain is happy.   Miss Spring, no matter how temperamental she may be at times is here!



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2 responses to “The Spring Bonnet is on!

  1. Hi, you were one of my first visitors when I started my blog. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Happy spring!

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