Sleep Poem (or Lack of)

Good Morning!   Good Morning!

I have been up since four.

The problem with that,

is sleep I need more.

Again another night with this thing I lack.

It seems that I have lost that sleeping knack.

So I open my shades to look outside

and today I am grateful to be alive.

It is a decision I make everyday

because I could be grumpy in every way.

But life is too short and still so much to do

although sleep is a benefit I wish I knew!



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3 responses to “Sleep Poem (or Lack of)

  1. Linda you are a beauty to see!
    Like the sunrise your soul sings cheerily,
    You’re too gentle to sleep,
    like a doe the Heavenly One wants to keep.
    ‘Are you awake yet,’ the surroundings say,
    A friend like you sees how to play-
    Your eyes bright to embrace the display.
    Set up but ignored by those less in tune with the bees!

  2. Marilyn

    As ever, you are completely adorable, Linda ❤

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