I now realize that part of my problem with writing or I should say, lack of it  lately is I have not taken the time to slow down and look around and see all there is to see.  I used to be good at that.  The world has so much beauty if we look I think.  And if  I stop to look and enjoy some of  it instead of always being in a hurry,  I will be calmer and more at peace.

This unedited poem was written at sunrise on a beach of Kauai.  A beautiful place to be at 4:30 am.  I am up usually anyway so I took my note book and went out and sat on the beach and waited.  What a great way to start out the day.  Now to make it a habit again.   I hope this is the start of the writing flow again!

Sunrise, Sunset,

every day is the best yet.

Life without them would not be.

Take the time and look and see.

That is the problem,

that is the key; no one stops just to be.

Rushing here rushing there,

no one can be aware.

There is so much in between,

hurrying around it can’t be seen.

Making your vision narrow and hurried,

only adds up to too much worry.

When you stop it appears,

the disappearance of all your fears.

It is all right there in front of you.

Now you have to decide what to do.

Change your ways and take the time.

and so much more in life well be fine



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