“I will know what I need to know, when I need to know it, and IF I need to know, why I need to know it, and that is if there is anything really to know!  (LG)


As soon as we can talk the questions begin in life.  They are never ending.  We search for the answers.  We search everywhere if necessary.    Sometimes we find the answers and that is it.  The end!!  Is it a good end, sometimes, sometimes not, but it is the end!

Then there is the answer that brings more questions and grows a life of its own.  The more you find out the less you know or worse the less you want to know.

There are the questions that have no answers, which can bring more questions.  At what point do we decide if it is just a waste of our time and precious brain power to find an answer to every question?  Well I for one have decided several things which again brought on more questions than answers.   So in the end does it really matter?   No it doesn’t most of the time.

Is it really that important to know it?  So many times it is not!


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