I sometimes catch my thoughts come out in rhymes. I was working in my garden and these are thoughts that just popped out!

May all your gardens get plenty of rain and sun to make them grow healthy and with abundance. Have a great day!

Into the garden I have not been of late

Just too tired to go thru the gate

I get outside and find my tools

I look around feeling how Mother Nature rules.

Just as I finally can come out to play

Mother Nature has to have her way

Rain Rain Rain we have had not

And just as I got started that is what I got.

Now as disappointed as I am

We needed the rain and as soon as it can

So Mother Nature and I worked side by side in the soft mist for a while

But then she took over and poured down hard for that is her style.

Object I will not for the rain we need

Mother Nature came through she did indeed

She could have waited and let me play

But then it is her that has the last say.


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One response to “JUST THOUGHTS!

  1. Marilyn

    I love it when you POP ❤ I enjoyed your time in the garden ❤

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