What’s the date today?????

The other day I was talking to someone and they asked the date.  When I said the date I was shocked.  I realized the year was almost gone.  Did I get my to do list done?  Did I still want the same things?  No things change.   But bottom line is did I pay attention to each day as it is here or did I waste it?   I still have four months left in this year to work on my to do list and to  appreciate each day for itself.

Another year almost gone

After all four more months is not that long

Where did the year go it seemed so fast

Now it is almost in the past

Did I accomplish all I planned to do

Hopefully I got done even a few

I still have some time left

For those goals to attain that I set

A bit of wisdom I have gained

That some things I thought are not the same

So still some time for changes to be made

Now that the view is a different shade

I have to start watching each day

I need to pay attention before it goes away

Enjoy each one as it is here

Because everyday should be clear

To enjoy as it comes and goes

Because if we get another one no one knows


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One response to “What’s the date today?????

  1. Marilyn

    Lovely !!!
    Carpe Diem !!!

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