A Poem for Fall (Reposted from last year!)

Fall  Slips In

Fall slipped in and it means many things.

The colors starting to peak out to see,

if they are ready to explode into the art that they will be.

It is about putting away your summer toys, shorts and tanks.

And also about giving thanks.

Ghost and goblins and pumpkins in there too.

Being careful the kids don’t scare you!

The colors POP right out of the night,

When you wake up it is everywhere in sight.

Reds and browns all around,

Vivid oranges can be found.

What a sight to behold.

Fall is my favorite if truth be told.

A mist or fog starts the day,

It is very soothing in its own way.

The air is crisper with a freshness that tingles you breath,

Subtle changes and making of nests.

Some birds leaving some birds stay,

Even some people go away!

Tucking away things for the nights so cold,

Going  for walks on fallen leaves with colors so bold.

Sweaters and hats coming out,

School kids everywhere giving a shout!

The weather near perfect for such a feat,

As everyone getting ready for their winter sleep.

The nights cool down more and more.

Now you find you must shut the door.

Plants die or go and hide,

New ones planted for next year’s ride.

It also brings to your mind

Did you finish or make that find?

Of what you planned in the newness of the year,

Now that the end of it is coming near.

Can’t let it go, must attempt the goal,

It is stimulating for your mind,

And a must for your soul.

Yes fall is to finish, prepare and renew.

Some of the things you already do,

Some more adventures are on the way.

There is still some time to go out and play.

There is nothing like a crisp and sunny fall day!


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