My Thoughts – Is it Just Me??

My Thoughts – Is it Just Me??

I try not to watch too much TV and especially the news.  It is always so much of the bad in this world shown.  I would like to see news about all the good things that happen.  I know there is a lot of good  still left in life and  for once it would be nice to see the news report the good things especially during the up- coming holidays.

Yes I know that some news has to be reported but I think they could do that very quickly and focus on all the good stories for most of the show it would have some good results.

I wonder how people’s moods and attitudes would change if they heard mostly all good positive stories in all the news shows.   I would love to challenge all the news shows and stations to try it for the holidays and see if it makes a difference in attitudes and frame of mind.   Would stories of hope and helping others and other random acts of kindness lift spirits? Would people be nicer to each other while waiting in lines or in traffic?  Would people feel better?  Well if stories of crime and negative stories constantly can make you look at things with more negative outlooks, maybe positive stories would help make everyone feel more positive.

We still have everyday hero’s who do things that should be acknowledged.   We still have so much good in this world I am sure of it.  So why isn’t it reported more?  I know I feel so good when I see some of the stories of someone doing something for someone.    And I know that many people feel that way. What a nice way to start the holidays if news was reported this way!



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2 responses to “My Thoughts – Is it Just Me??

  1. Sr. Margaret Brown

    I agree and have mused about this often over the years with varying levels of ire, sadness, frustration and resignation. A healthy dose of “what went right today” would do the world a lot of good. Maybe we start with finding them in our personal world, sharing what we see with others and perhaps contacting our local news with the idea of “reporting” the good news happening in our community. God willing, the regional and national news might follow. Thank you Linda for your offering. Sr. Margaret

    • Thank You Sr. Margaret Brown,
      I appreciate your comments and putting a little light on that, and as your suggestion points out, if I want the world to be a certain way I have to help make it that way! Thank you for reminding me! When people say it takes a Village to change things I think I forget that includes me sometimes. Have a great week!

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