The Rain Poem-Being Careful What We Wish For!

Good Morning!


Today I see some sun shine highlighting our beautiful Mt Si crowned with snow on the top. Just the beginning phase of what is sure to be more to come.  Now on saying that I am afraid it may come back to bite me, lol.   In the beginning of December I actually had a poem to post finally.  Well things got busy and I had to put it off for a day.  Well the very next day after writing  the poem it started pouring.  The poem  was about rain, actually wanting rain, yes I am nuts but when it doesn’t rain for awhile I actually miss it plus I certainly don’t want our state to go dry like some other states are from lack of rain.

A bit of laziness comes into play with this because I don’t want to water my garden all the time. I would rather Mother Nature did it.  I made the mistake in insulting one of her children.   Rain is one of her daughters, big mistake!  The next morning it poured and poured for a few days and we got flooded in a lot of areas.  To top it off Rain’s brother Wind joined it and was not nice!   It was not good for many people. This again reminds me, BE CAREFUL WHAT I WISH FOR BECAUSE I MAY GET IT! What we wish for is not always good for us or the right thing or time!

So as beautiful as the snow capped mountain is I am not wishing for it to snow down here, just up at the passes for the skiers! Lol!  Hopefully Mother Nature will read this and give the skiers snow but not us!


The poem that started this….. LOL! GOTTA LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Just for fun, a different version of Rain Rain Go Away


It’s raining

It’s pouring

The earth is singing good morning

Water me, water me

It sings out to the clouds

And I will feed all the trees and plants

Growing in the ground

I need your water that is gold

Without it nothing can grow to be old

Rain, at times you are Mother Nature’s Spoiled Brat

But you already know that

you overdo and devastate

Or leave me dry and all you take

But for today you came out to play

So this song I sing for you and say

I thank you for this drink I get

Please don’t overdue I am not ready to drown yet!



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4 responses to “The Rain Poem-Being Careful What We Wish For!

  1. You made me laugh too…Thanks for being the wonderful You!

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