Good Morning on Christmas day!

Good Morning on Christmas day!


First let me say this is not meant to offend anyone who does not celebrate Christmas! That is your privilege.  I respect your right for that choice.  That is what our soldiers fight and some die for.  That is why our country is great. 

Now I do celebrate Christmas as do many I know. When I am spreading my Merry Christmas good wishes I am just trying to share my joy in the reason of the season for me.    I can’t help feeling excited and wanting to share the joy with everyone.

Christmas to me, the Birth of Christ is a symbol of a new start from the ashes of the last year’s experiences that were bad and a new page to store memories of last year’s experiences that were good and learn from both.

I have an attitude of gratitude for my family that I am so blessed to have. I have a roof over my head and food on my table.  As far as my health I have some issues but compared to so many I am so lucky it is not worse. 

This time of year reminds me of that attitude I need to keep all year long. It gives me hope because as the holidays can bring out the bad in some it also brings out so much good.  Of course it seems to be the other way around but that is because you usually only hear about the bad things all the time.  But if you look around you will see it.

I posted this earlier on my face book page to put it simply:

I believe in the “Reason for this Season!” I believe in Santa Claus! I see him when I look into a child’s eyes that are lit up with excitement, hope, wonderment, and faith. They know!

I wish all my family, friends and everyone be blessed with peace, health, love and joy and lots and lots of laughter in your lives always! I hope you all  get a visit from Santa and your stockings are filled with that excitement, hope and wonderment and faith!


Merry Christmas and Happy Whatever

you celebrate

to you all!

And as Santa says


“To All a Good Night”! ” To All A Good Night”!


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