Why can’t we live together in a world of peace?

Knowing that is what most we seek.

Does it matter the color of your skin?

Worrying about that no one will win.

In case you haven’t noticed the world is colored.

Look all around color is everywhere.

It is in the trees and the sky,

the buildings, and the people, so why?

Does it really matter when you make a friend?

The color they are is not what counts in the end.

What we do and how we behave,

is the only way we can be saved.

What is important is to cause no strife.

It is what one does and gives in their life.



My thoughts, but it a hot button for me.  I don’t know why that this has to be a measuring tool.to judge people by  what color they are or where they come from or/ and really what their sexual preferences are, or anything else for that matter.   You can say all you want about being a good Christian but your not if you are judging anybody really.  That is not in our job description.     Is the right thing to do.  We are no better or worse because of our skin color.  It is what is inside and what you put out to others that counts.

The funny thing about this which really gets me is that I read that that self tanning business, products and all is coming close to being an over  760. million dollar business and growing.  Now that takes a lot of people wanting to tan to be that big.  So my question is why is everyone trying to (AND PAYING GOOD MONEY”  to get colored if it is so important to be “white”!   Personally I know if I let that be my guide for friends  I would have missed out on meeting and being friends with a lot of people of all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes that turned out to be some of the kindest, honest, loving,  hard working people I know.



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  1. Marilyn

    Linda, what a beautiful poem…just like your precious tender heart!!!

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