For Sully!

A very special friend  has a wonderful dog named Sully!   I have gotten to know him over the years and we have become good friends.  He even sings to me when I go visit.  He  is lovable and friendly and takes life on with a smile!

He has had some serious health issue lately and had some toes and such removed.  It was a big deal and yet he still is loveable, happy, dog!    I wrote this poem a couple of years back and just happen to find it again.  So Sully this is for you!    I am trying to follow your example Sully of being on the up side of things!    Thank you Sully!


 “I am a three-legged dog,” that is what you say?

Well I am here to tell that I don’t see it that way!

I can run; I can fetch; and I can play.

I give you loyalty and love and save your day.

How can you tell me that I am not whole?

I have so much love in my soul. 

Have I ever let you down?

I am always there with kisses when you frown.

I do everything a dog can do.

Even when it hurts I make it through.

 I am a normal dog as far as I can tell.

I am here for you and will not dwell.

 Oh that thing missing from me?

I never even notice what I don’t see.

I am too busy living a full life.

Making you happy free from strife.

I will enjoy things while I am here.

I am living a good life without out any fear. 

So put down your coffee and come play with me.

You will feel so much better, you will see.

Especially in your heart and your soul,

That is what it takes to help make you whole.

There is no magic to this truth; determination is what you need.

Think good thoughts and that will help plant the seed.

Look beyond my missing limb,

 See who I am, I plan to win.

Don’t judge me on what is gone.

That perspective would be wrong.

Life is to enjoy and is a test.

I am here to help you, that is my quest

Don’t let yourself get too low.

Take it easy and take it slow.

As many have written in a song,                                           

So many have something missing or something wrong.

Many have things that show or not.

That is the luck of the draw that they caught.

Life can be hard and make you hurt and cry.

What’s important is what you put into life ‘till the day you die.



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3 responses to “For Sully!

  1. Marilyn

    Oh, Linda, I love this inspiring love poem ✨💛✨
    I am so glad you found it and sent it out to bless us all 💛🙏🏻✨😍💛

  2. This poem is one of my favorites!

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