Oh my time goes by so fast.

I haven’t had time to catch up,

with things still to do from the past.

But April has come and day five gone by.

Oh me oh why?

I can’t let April go

without celebrating what I love and know.


April is National Poetry Month. It started in 1996 and is the largest literary celebration in the world according to the national poetry month faq web site.  It has 10 of millions of readers, students, k-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, not to forget all the poets that make their magic with the words.

This last two years I have not been posting as I would like but sometimes it is hard to get the words to flow when you don’t sleep much. But again I love poetry and I believe it should be acknowledged.    I have five days to catch up on so I am using the short little ditty above as the first poem, April 1st.

I hope this will be fun for us all!!!






People people we have to make peace

All this fighting and killing has got to cease.

There is no reason for us to go for war.

This isn’t a contest so we need no score.

What we need now is to stand together.

Before we all find out what it means forever.

This world can only take so much.

What it needs most is our loving touch!

It doesn’t need us all to die,

Just because we want more of the pie.

Let’s all reach out and help those in need.

No greater reward grows forth when you plant the seed.






(This has been posted before)


Word Weaving

A weaver of words in and out through the woods,

up on a mountain where the sky is so blue.

I sit here and think of something new.

To contemplate those elusive words that my mind does see,

wanting to write what it is to be,

so you visualize what I am trying to show.

If successful, you will definitely know.

The trick is to say it just right,

in addition, keep it together nice and tight.

No wondering off into ramble land,

need to keep it here if I can.

Sometimes the mind leads the way,

and the hands type more than I need to say.

I try to stop the thoughts before they go,

choosing the ones that keep the flow.

If I am lucky and it all works out,

You will understand the thoughts I am talking about.


April 4th is posted and I owe you to more to be up and current!  Have a great day!





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4 responses to “HAPPY POETRY MONTH

  1. I love weaver of words and wandering off into ramble land!

  2. Marilyn

    “Tis Glorious, Linda!!! Thank you for sharing your love of poetry ❤ You brighten my day ❤

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