Good Morning! This little ditty is for April 5th!

The mist surrounds the mountain, sweeps thru the valley so green.

It is like it is washing all this morning to make everything clean.

The sun is up there peeking through,

waiting for the mist to finish all it needs to do.

It’s supposed to be a warm one today.

Everyone wants to go out and play.

The mist starts its descent down to the ground,

just so the sunshine can come out and be found.

Everything now all clean and ready to show,

giving all it touched a shinny glow.

The clouds are white but barely there.

For today is for sunshine it is only fair!


This poem has been published In Sno Valley Writes 1st Anniversary Zine called Views, Voices & Verses 2009.

This is for April 6th!


Green trees


Running rivers

Going by

Snow capped mountains

In the rear

Elk running wild

With no fear

Trees tall all around

Everything green on the ground

Wild flower in the fields

Everything growing

Giving yield

Beautiful life calm and serene,

In this valley peacefully clean.









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