Good Morning this is dedicated to all kids to go to School and is Poetry for April 7th!

School is one of your most important things you can do for yourself.     Even adults can go to School.  As long as you are learning you are living and growing!    Please give yourselves every opportunity that you can in this life!  You Deserve it!   Have a great day!



Good morning, good morning, good morning to you

It is time to get up and go to school

It is important that you go and learn

So you can see all that can await you and what you will earn

It is not just money that will come your way

There is so much more that you will gain one day

There are more than the facts of what is in the books

It is the experience that will be the hook

Sure there may be times it won’t be what you like

But it is like riding a bike

The more you practice the better you are

Until you’re ready for a car

School is just such a tool

Finish, finish, it is really cool

You definitely are that smart

So please give yourself that big start



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