Just Thoughts

Today I am posting some of my unstructured poems which really are just thoughts for April 9th   & April 10th.  I sometimes use these as starts to writing other poems or stories or sometimes they stay as they are.    I hope it gives you a break and you can imagine yourself just sitting out in the country side enjoy all that nature has to offer without any stresses or conflicts to bother you for the day!  Have a great  day!  For me sometimes all it takes to find peace is just to be out in the security and beautiful  settings of this planets country sides.


A Country Morning

The noise of birds singing and the soft cool breeze…

Blowing thru the trees…

Surround you; calm you, inside and out.

Feel the prickle of the slightest

Fresh dew hitting your face, bringing you alive

Feel the quiet calming peace wrap you in nature’s security



There is nothing like the peace in the morning, the sun playing peak-a-boo thru the trees

The birds singing good morning, the fresh air, the very slight breeze is cleaning softly.



Trees are natures’ fence

To keep all things among them comforted in beauty and security, protected.

Tall strong guards to protect our inner peace and give to our senses…..



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2 responses to “Just Thoughts

  1. Marilyn

    So Lovely, Linda…You are a breath of fresh air ❤

  2. Sr. Margaret Brown

    You bring me into a peace that is priceless. I so wish I woke up to the sounds that you do…..but i will enjoy vicariously through your prose…

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