Happy May!

Happy May!

The year has already started going by too fast.   We just celebrated our 47th Anniversary.  I can’t believe that it has been this long.  Were did the time go I am not sure well that isn’t true I have a pretty good idea,

We have been working in our garden trying to get it set up for this year.  It seems something is always going on.   Now that Spring has finally decided to arrive the garden demands most of our attention at least to get started.   As for the weeds they steal the show every year until we attack madly only to look like nothing has happened because as soon as we pull them out they seem to be back again!   But the claw feet bath tubs was a great idea for the garden even if I say so myself!  LOL!

I am dealing with or should I say not dealing with too well too many distractions going on as far as my writing.  I am working on things but they aren’t working.  But I will not give up.  I will say I am learning a lot about myself and about and other things.  This is a good thing on the most part.  Lots of work to do as in all things in life nothing gets done without work.  I think my vacation on that is almost over, lol.

This year we decided not to take a big vacation and get some work around the house done and do little trips and get to know our state more.   We can discover a lot just in day trips and with an occasional sleep over somewhere we can see even more.  We have lived here since the end of Dec. 1979 and we have seen a lot of the state, but there is still a lot we haven’t.    Washington is a beautiful state and there are so many hidden spots and some not so hidden.  We have been lucky and traveled quite a few places that are gorgeous but I have to say I am always happy to get back to our great state.  Oh come on it doesn’t always rain!

To Be Continued:



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4 responses to “Happy May!

  1. Sr. Margaret Brown

    I feel your pain over your writers block and your joy of anticipation for the coming spring and summer both within your garden and your state! I live by curiously through your writings so keep up the good work. Sister Margaret

  2. Marilyn

    Linda, You continue to bring joy into my world!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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