About Me

“I am 67 years young. My heart and soul swear to it, my body screams liar and if and when I find my mind, IF I remember, I will ask it.     And I believe you “gotta laugh out loud!”

I have written since childhood.   I had my first poem published at 17.   I love writing poetry and short stories.   I have had several poems published and placed 42nd in the top 100 for a contest in Writer’s Digest for Inspirational Short Story,  and am working on a couple of books at this time.   I am more of a free-style writer.  I have had no formal training.  I write from my heart but I am trying out new styles that I am learning about.  I go by the name writingwildly because that is usually what I do.

I believe that writing can release tension, pain, and emotions that need to be set free.   By writing them out you can express your true feelings about your deepest secrets. It will relieve some of the burden of carrying it all around inside of you.   Sometimes it even helps to tear up the writing and throw it away along with the thoughts.

I love music and so you will see it incorporated in here at times.   I believe you must have laughter in your life always.  It is a matter of life and health.   And you GOTTA LAUGH OUT LOUD! I try to make lemomaide from lemons as much as I can. I believe the smile changes the way we think for the better as we are doing it.

I love life and adore the country, trees, rivers, mountains, lakes, wildlife and fresh air.  I love the ocean also but being in the country seems to bring out the best in me. I find I write a lot about the country. I love to dig in the dirt so I play at being a gardener. But even my garden is  made with my imagination gone wild.  I have a white picket fenced area, which my husband built lovingly for me, and have five antique claw foot bath tubs for my vegetables and such.    It looks wonderful and what a great way to recycle, and it is a lot easier on the back and to weed.

I am a wife of 47 years married to my best friend of 49 years. Together we learned and grown  and created a wonderful family of our own.  I have two wonderful sons who are good loving men and two great daughter in laws, and 4 of the most amazing grandkids that make my life filled with joy and laughter and my family fills me  up with love and pride. I have grown and learned so much from them. I Thank God for this gift everyday.  This is what makes me who I am.

“I am a work in progress and boy do I need work!”  (A quote that I like but don’t know who wrote it!!)  But they must have known me,lol!

Happy Happy Birthday
Is what we say,
Do we take the time to celebrate the day?
Think about the alternative if it didn’t come.
Celebrate the fact that it is and have some fun.



10 responses to “About Me

  1. Carol lauer Trulious

    Linda is as creative in her writing as she was in her youth. I enjoy being her friend and loved our thoughtful conversations about life in general as we walked to school.

  2. Hi Linda!
    You are indeed young! I enjoyed “NaNoing” with you this year! 😉

  3. Well, Linda – now I know a little bit about you and will learn more as I read your blog posts. I am “following” your blog 🙂
    All good wishes,

  4. Your optimistic attitude is very admirable Linda. I applaud you for it.

    Thank you for visiting The Baby And The Bathwater. I sincerely appreciate it.

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award (smile).

  6. Cynthia Martin

    Your Blog is delightful. You are a kindred soul. Please keep Blogging!

  7. cheryl southward richey

    Hi Linda,
    Hope all is great with you and family!

  8. A visit from one of my first bloggers … so delighted to see you. Thanks!

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