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I am sharing this wonderful poem from friend.   He posts from what he calls his “front Porch”.    This hit me because I am going to my 50th class reunion this summer.  This poem took me back to that time when Viet Nam was going.  All of us from that era have  been touched by that war.  Either with someone who  died or some who came home so damaged. It was tragic.  My first published poem was in 68 about Viet Nam called “The Gun” it is on this blog somewhere in the back.  But Daron’s is more about the people mine was about the gun.  With all that is going on right now this sadly could be a real thing again.  WE DO NOT WANT WAR!!!   Daron’s poem shows how it touches everyone. He especially felt it.  Thank You Daron for reminding me of friends past and present who still live the trauma.  And Thank You for bringing this awareness to us all!!



(Dedicated to my Brother, Eric Schwartz, 1st Marines, Vietnam veteran)

Man was at war before he invented the wheel..

He’s fought with everything from stone to steel.

All through time he’s fought for space.

Wars to preserve his very race.

What troubles me is the standing truth

That the young must die so the old may rule,

That the debt is the lives of daughters and sons

Who must go to ground while still so young.

But war, I’m sure, does not seem so wise

When seen through a troubled mother’s eyes.

Is victory worth a victory won

When a father receives a medal in trade for his son?

War is nothing but a monstrous sin

When you see flames dripping from a child’s skin.

War today will never justify

Hope extinguished in the blink of an eye.

Our children die in a sea of green

For greed the worst that I’ve ever seen.

Humanity dies evermore each day

For we the people to our leaders lack the courage to say




Semper fi


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The Inaugural Rise & Thrive Breakfast By ENCOMPASS

Today I would like to promote an event coming up put on by a place close to my heart.  Encompass is a nonprofit organization here in North Bend that helps children and their families.  They serve North Bend, Snoqualmie, Issaquah, and Eastside communities.    They believe that from the start you teach a child to thrive , helping young children get the help they need early.  They know by starting young they are more prepared later on.    I have volunteered in several different places involving kids and I can say Encompass is awesome.   I have seen what they do and how they do it.  I cannot say enough of the love and care and effort they put in to show each child how important they are.  Each child is made to feel good about themselves and their achievements.


“Serving the Snoqualmie Valley and Greater Eastside communities.”


Business people, and community leaders and friends, and family

To attend

The Inaugural Rise & Thrive Breakfast



Tuesday, April 25th from 7:30-9:00 am

At The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge (formerly TPC)


 “This unique opportunity will feature an engaging keynote speaker complimented by a delicious breakfast, and will bring together over 250 community leaders, educators, local businesses, and parents to help engage in our vision to create a community where ALL children thrive”

The Keynote speaker will be Bill Krueger, a former Mariner.  He is an active early intervention advocate.  The Pediatric Therapy Branch of Encompass specializes in early intervention.

Chris Cashman, a veteran of television and radio will be the Master of Ceremonies.

Kathy Lambert, King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert will be in attendance as Honorary Chair for this Flagship Event. 

For all the details please go to https://encompassnw.ejoinme.org/rise-and-thrive-2017




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Writers Block and Then Some!

Yes I have writer’s block again, lol.

Good Morning! I am sorry to say I have not been able to work on my blog for awhile. Now I am not an everyday blogger anyway but I have not been around for awhile now. So much has happened, a lot good and some very sad. I have lost three wonderful people in my life within a year and two just in the last few months. This has reminded me that we should never take our friends, families or our love ones for granted. We are born and we all die but some are gone too soon. This is not about the loss and the sadness because these 3 were positive, happy, life loving people who lived life to the fullest. They are gone too soon but they went with a positive, gracious peace. All taught me lessons even in their death. It was a gift to have them in my life and I know they are all in a good place now.

From this I have learned and I will work on taking each day as it comes and make the best of it. I will work at leaving all the negativity behind and letting it go. I will appreciate all I have and receive. And I know that whatever happens in life, it is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve myself.

And now about this blog: I hope to get it back and running soon. A few more things have come up and it is has been a challenge but all is good. I am working on this. I most likely won’t become an everyday blogger because truthfully I couldn’t keep up with that and trying to read all the other good blogs out there. And to all my followers, I am so flattered you follow me. It keeps me looking for my best to put out there. I try to read as many as I can. Please know I learn from all of you and even if I don’t comment I am so impressed with the quality out there.

I will work on putting out the best I can. My wonderful Aunt whom I adored told me right before she passed on to keep putting out my best work. She encouraged me always. So I will commit to that. So I will be trying hard to clear my mind from all that has been blocking it and start putting out the best I can.

Thank you to all the good bloggers out there. And Thank you all so much that follow me. I am grateful and appreciate you all very much.

Have a great week!

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I am really sad to see April go. It has been so much fun and so many wonderful poems out here to read. I hope people continue to keep posting poetry. It is a wonderful art form and therapy.  For this last day I post this poem.

I wrote this poem after learning how real love stands by you in sickness and in health. I knew the through rich or poor, and other struggles it did but until you deal with illness you don’t know. Well I am so blessed that real love does still live and thrive through it all.

On Friday May 2nd is our 45th wedding anniversary!   Twenty-five years ago, April 29th,  he  surprised me and proposed to me again and planned a wedding and we renewed our vows with our sons as our witnesses.   He always is full of surprieses!  He has had to deal with a lot due to my health issues.  He has been wonderful and always there and he taught me to laugh.   And that inspired this little ditty!   He is my love, my heart and soul, he is my best friend and he feels the same and shows me so.




Love is when you are ill,

and your love is with you still.

It goes beyond the passion of sex.

It keeps you excited for what comes next.

And as you grow old and grey,

you love each other anyway.

It is the passion of the friends you are.

It is always knowing your love won’t be far.

Love is sharing tears and laughter,

Real love IS happily ever after.


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The Poetry Corner: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


Sometimes it sneaks in from where you don’t know.

The way your mind and heart are reacting they say so.

Love has struck you and swept you away

It has control, there is nothing  you can say.

As time goes on it changes in many ways.

If it is strong  it will last you throughout your days.

Love can break your heart as if it were a toy,

Or its power when right will fill you with joy.

It is not luck that has come to you,

Hard work it is done by two.

It will not always be a walk in the park.

But true love is your candle in the dark.

Even when times are tough,

together you will get through when things are rough.

And if you hit that home run,

there will always be a shining sun!

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The Poetry Corner Untitled 1 January 28, 2014

Sometimes time slips away and things get left undone.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter, other times it hurts someone.
Even when one tries their best,
Something’s are sometimes too much.
But that does not mean we have to give up or lay down and die
It means to get up and keep going even if it makes us cry
That doesn’t mean it will work out as we want
It may not even work out as we thought
But so many times it works out for us what’s really best
And in the long run isn’t that what so many seek in their quest.
Taking you by the hand, that is when peace glides in.

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(This is a reblog originally posted in November 2011).

I think this is a universal feeling for most people. I wanted to wish everyone PEACE for their heart and soul and I PRAY FOR PEACE FOR EVERYONE AND THIS WONDERFUL WORLD WE HAVE. So while you are in the middle of this hustle and bustle of the Season. Take a moment at least for yourself to find some peace and then share it with a friend, or a stranger, a child or a dog, anyone by passing the moment of peace to them with a smile or a kind word. Maybe just maybe we can pass it on to everyone even for a moment in time.


I think almost everyone seeks peace of some kind. It could be world peace, family peace or personal inner peace. Sometimes it seems unattainable for some people at least. This is a poem I wrote when I was given a writing prompt on Peace. I wish everyone Peace in their lives. I pray for peace in this world. Would it not be a wonderful thing if we all could agree to disagree and get along. Have a Peaceful day!

Peace is many times an elusive dream,

floating by so close to you it seems.

But you reach up to touch it and it is not there.

So hard when only one cares.

The pain it can cause can rip you apart.

Are the gifts it may bring worth a broken heart?

Peace is what everyone desires.

Do you pay the price more than you can afford?

Or do you keep as still as the mountain stands, making no

But then again you take the first step,

reaching out your hand,

only to have it slapped sending it back as fast as it can.

It happens lasting no longer than it has too.

Then the peace is gone again, do you fix it or let it end?

Sometimes there is no peace to be found,

It is then time to move on to higher ground.

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Today we start Nano Wrimo. It is a contest (you basically compete with yourself) where you start a brand new story on November 1st and write at least 50,000 words in 30 days. No editing! Just writing!

As of right now I have 418 words towards at least 1700 I need for today! I consider this good since I have had lots of things I had to do and because I still do not have an idea of what I want to write this time. I have done this before but usually something comes to me at least a few days before the deadline. The good thing is I have some characters so I am introducing them, I guess you can say and even though I am not sure how or why or what about them at some point in time I will have to show them so I am starting there.

My playlist for this Nano to start out is below. Some are for inspiration, some are for fun! I have lots of great music and I will be posting as I change. Maybe you will find some good new songs from it.

“LET’S GET IT UP” (And that is for my word count!)

So for all you fellow NaNo Wrimo-ers out there I wish you the best of luck and May you words flow like wine from a bottle! May the ideas fly around your head freely and flow down to the paper easily. May you hit 50,000 before you know it and may it turn out to be a dang good story! AND THE RACE IS ON!

To my followers of this blog I will try to post something often and keep you informed about NaNo or a poem or story who knows, BUT I will try to be more consistent. Any ideas or thoughts on stories are welcomed, lol!


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My heart seeks peace

It looks everywhere

It opens up too freely

Sometimes painfully so

Searching for the heart to finally know

It reaches out to anyone

Who it feels can help

Opening the door to heartbreak

Finally the shadow passes

And the light shines in

For the heart finds out

That peace is within


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Mothers aren’t perfect and they sure aren’t given a manual on how to be. Some women become mothers because they want to and some don’t it just happens. Having a baby doesn’t make you a mother. Technically yes it does in the sense you have given birth but not in the sense of loving, teaching, and raising the children to be good people and most of all to know that they are wonderful and so very much loved.


A moment, your world changes, your life is dramatically different from this moment on.

A beautiful baby is put in your arms, you are no longer the child you are the mom.

That one moment transforms your world.

It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or girl.

For most of us that moment is sheer joy.

It is tempting to see it as a toy.

But now that you hold baby & daddy makes three.

The responsibility is mainly on thee.

Never again will life be the same.

To think it is better is no shame.

As a mommy there is so much joy and love.

This baby is something you will always be thinking of.

With this child you will grow so much.

This gift has such a special touch.

With that love may come some pain

It is all worth it that into your world this baby came.

It touches your life like no other.

There is nothing better than being a mother.

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