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Life’s many roads and side streets!

I started this post about 4 times now and all going in different ways.  I was even thinking of giving up the blog all together since this last year my attendance to it has been so bad.  I have never been a daily blogger but so much has distracted me this last year and a half that all my writing has suffered.  Practice makes perfect but you have to do it to reach that.  And I am not a quitter so as I typed almost a whole page on it I realized I could not do that.

Then I started a page but it was a rant and I didn’t get too far when I realized that I didn’t want a negative post especially since I hadn’t been on for a while.    I always try to have positive posts unless it is something I feel is important enough to rant about.  As I deleted this page to start over I was lost in my head.  Where are my poems?  Where are my stories??   Why am I at that writer’s wall again or I should say still??

So, I started this yesterday, let’s see how far we get???? Lol!!!

I find that life has many roads and side streets to travel.  Some lead to nowhere, some lead to danger, some lead to wonderful things for us to see and experience.  It is our choice how we choose to react and learn from each turn we take.  And that is what many of the turn offs and side streets are for.  Learning!  It may be something we need to learn about ourselves or others but it is put there for that.  If we choose not to learn from it then it is our choice if the outcome isn’t what we wanted, we did choose it.  It takes some of us longer to remember that, and learn these lessons but bottom line is we make the choice.  Of course, there are circumstances that come that people cannot control such as illness, death, and other issues, but it is still our choice how we handle it.  I think this last year and a half this has been one of my lessons along with patience and letting go.  I think these are hard lessons but I see now I do have control to learn and grow from these lessons.   As I change the way I look at them I see the difference on how I handle them.  And  WORK is involved.   Work is a main tool in life.  If you don’t put in the work you won’t get very far.  I have always had good work ethics but I keep forgetting to apply it to all aspects in my life especially in myself on this journey of life and its many roads and side streets.  So I am rolling up my sleeves to dig in and do the work.

Now I came back to finish this morning and still not sure if this is what I wanted to write about when I got this in my mail I figured the timing was right:

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

– Marianne Williamson

I also want to thank all my followers who stick with me.  I really appreciate your support and patience.

To the bloggers out there who put out so many good posts and every day!  That is impressive!










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This is just a little fun thing I wrote a few weeks ago when I was telling my hubby that fall was here and he said he didn’t think Summer was over yet. LOL well Mother Nature always wins and Summer can try but Fall was given permission to come on in by Mother, LOL!


Fall is here

At least it’s near

Which no one seems to notice this year

Because still today

Summer is here to play

With its warm sunny days

But with deceptive ways

Sunny days shorter now but are too hot

Pretending fall is not here

Summer not wanting to get caught

Pretending that the evenings have not chilled

Or  tree leaves haven’t  started to change with colors filled

Mother Nature is ready to rearrange

She sets the stage of colors and conditions for fall to be

Usually it’s a very  vivid show and good for all to see

So now she has to push summer out

Because the show is ready to begin

And summer will fight her all the way

Because of course he wants it to be his day

Teasing us with the heat

He is sure he has fall beat

But of course it already shows

What everyone knows

No matter how much summer tries

Fall will come for summer’s demise.





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I would like to thank all my followers. I am amazed and grateful you take time to stop by. I am working on my garden this month. I need to gain focus again and I am having a little battle with the sleep fairy. So I was told it might help to not be on the computer for a bit! So I will “GO DIG UP THE DIRT” literary and for real too. I hope to come e back with lots of good things. I will be using pen and paper just to try it again, lol.

Thank You all for your support

AKA Linda

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(This is a reblog originally posted in November 2011).

I think this is a universal feeling for most people. I wanted to wish everyone PEACE for their heart and soul and I PRAY FOR PEACE FOR EVERYONE AND THIS WONDERFUL WORLD WE HAVE. So while you are in the middle of this hustle and bustle of the Season. Take a moment at least for yourself to find some peace and then share it with a friend, or a stranger, a child or a dog, anyone by passing the moment of peace to them with a smile or a kind word. Maybe just maybe we can pass it on to everyone even for a moment in time.


I think almost everyone seeks peace of some kind. It could be world peace, family peace or personal inner peace. Sometimes it seems unattainable for some people at least. This is a poem I wrote when I was given a writing prompt on Peace. I wish everyone Peace in their lives. I pray for peace in this world. Would it not be a wonderful thing if we all could agree to disagree and get along. Have a Peaceful day!

Peace is many times an elusive dream,

floating by so close to you it seems.

But you reach up to touch it and it is not there.

So hard when only one cares.

The pain it can cause can rip you apart.

Are the gifts it may bring worth a broken heart?

Peace is what everyone desires.

Do you pay the price more than you can afford?

Or do you keep as still as the mountain stands, making no

But then again you take the first step,

reaching out your hand,

only to have it slapped sending it back as fast as it can.

It happens lasting no longer than it has too.

Then the peace is gone again, do you fix it or let it end?

Sometimes there is no peace to be found,

It is then time to move on to higher ground.

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Waking up knowing the day was filled with water and sun.

Swimming in the ocean, friends laughing, what could be more fun?

Splashing and chasing, giggles and shouts of joy,

it didn’t matter if you were a girl or a boy.

Then seeing it again through the eyes of your children,

knowing what they feel, reminding you of that experience is giving you that same feeling again, that is real.

And when it comes time for bed as you remembered they too fought it all the way as they lay down their weary head.

Their little eye lids so heavy they are asleep before good- nite is said.

And if you are very lucky and life goes as it should,

you will experience the feeling again with your grand kids which is very very good.

For those are memories that keep your heart happy and young,

and isn’t that what we want when all is said and done.

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This month is one of my favorite months because I love to work in the garden. I end up stiff as a board usually but I will dig in the dirt till I just can’t anymore.

Today is Sunny and going to be warm. It will be a good day to work in the garden. I just wish I could figure a way to outsmart the weeds. They are always ahead of me. I clean one area out and move to another, when I go back to check the first section the weeds are coming up again. What do you do? If only everything would grow so well.

Gardening is therapeutic. It is life coming up again and again and its results are beautiful. I hope you all enjoy my little jingle and have a wonderful day!

Good Morning, Good Morning, I say to you all.

Up at 5 am seems to be my call.

My garden waits for the work to get done.

It is waiting for me, I am the one.

I pick up the weeds that get in the way.

The flowers most definitely have something to say.

They are starting to bloom and want all the attention,

They are very spoiled did I mention?

The trees all need trimming so new buds will grow.

Sometimes it is too much work this I know.

But the pleasure of my hands in the dirt,

it is more than enough of an extra perk.

And then when the blooms do show their beautiful face.

I know that the garden is my very special place.

So I go out again at this early hour.

Hoping to see all the new plants start to flower.

Wishing that the weeds did not again appear,

that is always my biggest fear!!

And sure enough just as I thought,

they snuck up again, oh please tell me not!

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Z is today what it was always meant to be.
Z runs Zigzagged and does it Zealously.
Three lines make Z long and lean and sharp it does looks.
So sad to say it didn’t earn very many pages in the book.
But Z has the strength of Zeus and well not be dismissed.
Z rides at the end of the Alphabet to collect the fair Maiden’s kiss.

April was Poetry Month so in its honor I give you a quick little poem. And to the end of the April A – Z Challenge it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. There are some wonderful bloggers out there. This challenge brought out so many of them. Thank You all. I learned so much.

And now for the Scrabble and Word game players! (These words are not capitalized in the dictionary.) Looking into the dictionary for a word a day will help you so many times with your vocabulary for the games and your brain.

Z can’t seem to make up its mind and sometimes has words spelled two different ways you will find!

Za, Zaddik (also can be spelled tZaddik), Zaffer, Zaftig(also can be spelled Zoftig), Zag,Zaibatsu, Zaire, Zamia, Zamindar(also can be spelled Zemindar), Zander, Zap, Zapateado, Zapateo, Zareba (also can be spelled Zareeba), Zarf, Zaxis, Zero, Zeta, Zinc, Zoom, Zonk, Zouk, Zwitterion, Zydeco, and yes this was a surprise to me ZZZ is in the dictionary used to represent the sound of a person snoring.

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Y is Youth!

Yabbering Youth Yells Yak!

Y’all Yards Yield Yellow Yams!

(And YES to all who ask Y’all is in the Webster’s dictionary but not in the Scrabble one.)

Yachtsman Yank Yawls, Yawning.

Y also has the abilitY to be added to the end of manY words but does not take the lead with many words. In the word WHY it sounds like it is spelled with just the letter Y. Being a sneakY little devil, it hides sometimes and is silent or sometimes it is so loud such as whY that it hides the other letters.

Y is a letter to be used in various waYs but apparentlY doesn’t like to take the lead. MaYbe because it’s shY or too busY Yacking YaketY Yak! Or maYbe it likes being at the end finalizing things. Yet it can be anYwhere in a word as in: analYsis, baYonet, beYond, craYon, hYmm, lYmph, pYrite, roYal, sYringe and oxYgen and here is a good one, zYgote.

It has six and a half pages in the dictionarY and almost four in the Scrabble dictionarY.

As You see Y, it stands straight and tall with its arms outreaching for more!

Good luck in Your word games and Have A Great DaY!

Here are some words for the Word games. All of these come out of the dictionary and are not capitalized in the dictionary only here to give Y its day of acknowledgement!

Yack, Yakety, Yak, Yakitori, Yam, Yamen, Yang, Yank, Yanqui, Yar, Yardage, Yardarm, Yardbird, Yare, Yarmuika, Yarn, Yarrow, Yashmak, Yataghan, Yaup, Yaupon, Yautia, Yaw, Yawl, Yawp, Yaup, Yaxis, Ye, Yea, Yeah, Yean, Year, Yeast, Yegg, Yech or Yecch, Yelp, Yen, Yenta, Yep, Yes, Yeshiva, Yet, Yeti, Yew, Yid, Yield, Yin, Yip, Yippie, Yo, Yob, Yoga, Yogi, Yoke, Yolk, Yon, Yond, Yonder, Yore, You, Young, Your, Yourn, Youse, Yowl, Yuan, Yucca, Yuck, Yule, Yum, Yup, Yuppie, Yurt.

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U Brought out the word Understanding for me right away.  I actually have just recently reached an Understanding.  It took long enough but sometimes we believe too much we are told especially as an open trusting child and our hearts sometimes block the brain from realizing that.  I ask all you parents and care givers of children watch not only your actions but you words towards your kids!   What we tell our children they believe.  They grow up believing.  If we teach them they are a bum then they will believe that they are a bum and if we teach them they are a president they may just be a president.  Now many can overcome those negative believes because they find that UNDERSTANDING, but so many more don’t.  That is why we have all the broken people we do.  

Now to the children:   This is where that UNDERSTANDING comes in.  Hopefully you will learn it early.  If you gain that understanding you will see that you can teach yourself what you want to be in this life.  So start early looking for it.  UNDERSTANDING will help us all.  Some will have to work harder and longer to find it but we can.  If we are lucky we will meet people along the way to help, but it is up to ourselves to find it and make ourselves happier.   It is our mind that controls how we will react and that reaction is what can make lemonade out of lemons.  And that I truly believe that comes from UNDERSTANDING!  It can be different for everyone but I hope you all find the UNDERSTANDING YOU NEED to have a great life.

And now back to U:  It has 26 pages of its own in my dictionary.

Ulysses Understands.

U is Unique, Upright, Upstanding & Understanding.

Umbrellas unhinge unabatedly ultimately.

Unhurried Ursula Undressed

Now some Scrabble words:

Udals, ugged, ulna, ulnae, umami, ulzie,  unary, unces, unfix, uncus, umped,

Uneth, unget, ungot, ursid, usnea, usque, usury, upo, ule, ulu, uni, urb, ure, ute, ug. 

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T made me Think about Today. I know for myself I have To work at keeping my Thoughts on Today and not the past. And do not to worry Too much about The future. You can remember Things of The past but don’t dwell on it. And you must plan for Tomorrow but don’t live your whole life for it. Today is here now and should be Treated like it is The first day of your life. I also Think you should remember it could be The last day of your life so live True To yourself and your believes. Taking Time to enjoy each day makes us happier and less stressed I Think. And always be Thankful for This day.

Turbulent Tommy Tumbled Toward The Treacherous Trail To Trouble Today.

Tabloid’s Talk Trash Telling Tales.

Tailor Tony Trims Ties Taking Things Tying Them Together.

Tabulate Tiny Toys Tracking The Time To Title Them.

The Toast Tasted Terrible.

Terry Tergiversated Towards Training.

Tanya Transcends To Take The Test.

Take The Trail To The Top To Talk To The Traveler.

Treasure Times Together.

Truth Tells Triumphant Things.

Tell The Truth!

And for the Scrabble players:
ta, te, ti, to, terminous, tousle, toques, toquet, torque, tranqs, tweeze, teazel, teazle, tax, taximen, toxemic, taxites, telefax, telexed, textual, toxins, triplex, tamely, tangly, tartly, tawny, tawdry, termly, tetchy, tepefy, tetryl, thorny, thymey tiddly, tinily, tinkly, trippy, trotyl. Good Luck!

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