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Valentine’s Day Everyday

Valentine’s Day what does it mean 

It is a  special day that it does seem

I know it is not the candy or flowers

 For me it is more about the hours

All the times we sat and talked

The times thru the fire we walked

To each other holding on tight

Happy to know we made it through the night

It looked like it could not be

But it is right we did see

It is the tears and the laughter we do share

knowing each of us is always there

It is those things that lead up to the day 

The gift for me is all the love you give me along the way


So to my  love I say

Happy Valentine’s Day





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As We Get Older!

I have heard many things about “As we get older”.    And I am now seeing a lot of these things happening as I get older.  One of them is loss.  The older I get the more loss I see.  There is not just older people either just people you know that seem to die young or old.

Of course we all expect to see our grandparents and parents go.  That is one of the hardest things.  My dad died when I was in my early 30’s  and then every now and then we would lose a friend or an uncle or two in a year.

I have started losing more and more friends.  And last year the very devastating loss of my mother.  So what does all this means.  It means that as I get older so does everyone around me and we are all approaching that age where people are dying at.

So what have I learned from this?  Well take good care of my health.  Be kind to others especially those you love their time may be soon and then they are gone.  It is too late to let them know how much you cared.      Because we never know when it is our time.

I also have learned that stress is  a big killer.  Every day I start my day now sitting outside listening to mother nature’s news cast for the day.  No TV. not even my music which I love and listen to all the time.  Music is medicine for the soul and mind and body.  But being outside sitting. listening, feeling the morning air at 5  or 6 am (or whatever time you get up will help start your day with calm and joy.  And hopefully more time to hang around with a good friend that just may not be around for long.   You may find something different that works better for you but keeping stress away from your life is critical.

Yes age does bring a lot to us, I just want to handle it with as much grace as I can and hopefully these old bones will take me  and my friends and family through to another day.  Thankfully I have discovered how to start my day right and I will be working on all the rest!   Have a Great Day!


To Our very special friend Chris V.  you will be missed and you most certainly will be remembered!


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Life’s many roads and side streets!

I started this post about 4 times now and all going in different ways.  I was even thinking of giving up the blog all together since this last year my attendance to it has been so bad.  I have never been a daily blogger but so much has distracted me this last year and a half that all my writing has suffered.  Practice makes perfect but you have to do it to reach that.  And I am not a quitter so as I typed almost a whole page on it I realized I could not do that.

Then I started a page but it was a rant and I didn’t get too far when I realized that I didn’t want a negative post especially since I hadn’t been on for a while.    I always try to have positive posts unless it is something I feel is important enough to rant about.  As I deleted this page to start over I was lost in my head.  Where are my poems?  Where are my stories??   Why am I at that writer’s wall again or I should say still??

So, I started this yesterday, let’s see how far we get???? Lol!!!

I find that life has many roads and side streets to travel.  Some lead to nowhere, some lead to danger, some lead to wonderful things for us to see and experience.  It is our choice how we choose to react and learn from each turn we take.  And that is what many of the turn offs and side streets are for.  Learning!  It may be something we need to learn about ourselves or others but it is put there for that.  If we choose not to learn from it then it is our choice if the outcome isn’t what we wanted, we did choose it.  It takes some of us longer to remember that, and learn these lessons but bottom line is we make the choice.  Of course, there are circumstances that come that people cannot control such as illness, death, and other issues, but it is still our choice how we handle it.  I think this last year and a half this has been one of my lessons along with patience and letting go.  I think these are hard lessons but I see now I do have control to learn and grow from these lessons.   As I change the way I look at them I see the difference on how I handle them.  And  WORK is involved.   Work is a main tool in life.  If you don’t put in the work you won’t get very far.  I have always had good work ethics but I keep forgetting to apply it to all aspects in my life especially in myself on this journey of life and its many roads and side streets.  So I am rolling up my sleeves to dig in and do the work.

Now I came back to finish this morning and still not sure if this is what I wanted to write about when I got this in my mail I figured the timing was right:

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

– Marianne Williamson

I also want to thank all my followers who stick with me.  I really appreciate your support and patience.

To the bloggers out there who put out so many good posts and every day!  That is impressive!









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MAY 2ND, 2014

This is a simple poem I wrote a few years back.  It seems to keep popping up around this time every year so I changed the date and am reposting it again!   I am very lucky to have my best friend and one true love.  And he is lucky to have me too, lol!  Lol!   Together we have made a wonderful family filled with love and lots and lots of laughter!



45 years later. What can I say?
I would do it all over Again today.

I wasn’t sure then. But you told me it was so
I didn’t trust I just wanted to go.

You won me with persistence and an act,
You were a pleasant surprise that is a fact.

And while not always perfect, mistakes we both did make.
Our minds made up, and our feelings not fake.

We stood our stand, together hand in hand.
With laughter and tears we faced our fears.

And today here we are together,
the tie still is as strong as ever.

Now retired facing our Golden time.
With our love that does bind.

Standing together to face old age,
Living proof that love is the wisest sage.

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I am really sad to see April go. It has been so much fun and so many wonderful poems out here to read. I hope people continue to keep posting poetry. It is a wonderful art form and therapy.  For this last day I post this poem.

I wrote this poem after learning how real love stands by you in sickness and in health. I knew the through rich or poor, and other struggles it did but until you deal with illness you don’t know. Well I am so blessed that real love does still live and thrive through it all.

On Friday May 2nd is our 45th wedding anniversary!   Twenty-five years ago, April 29th,  he  surprised me and proposed to me again and planned a wedding and we renewed our vows with our sons as our witnesses.   He always is full of surprieses!  He has had to deal with a lot due to my health issues.  He has been wonderful and always there and he taught me to laugh.   And that inspired this little ditty!   He is my love, my heart and soul, he is my best friend and he feels the same and shows me so.




Love is when you are ill,

and your love is with you still.

It goes beyond the passion of sex.

It keeps you excited for what comes next.

And as you grow old and grey,

you love each other anyway.

It is the passion of the friends you are.

It is always knowing your love won’t be far.

Love is sharing tears and laughter,

Real love IS happily ever after.


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I have not progressed well in my word count for NaNo this year. A lot of distractions have circled around me and made camp. I remember the show Wagon Train when all the wagons circled around to protect themselves from attackers. Well I stayed in my circle but the distractions put one around me and I am working on finding a way out! LOL!

This year I am learning a lot and I wrote this about that:

“I think in this world you can be too young to learn some things. But Thank God we are never too old to learn many things that we need to learn!” Lg

This poem is about that for me. It is a bit long and dark but it was very enlightening for me! Sometimes things just come out of your head on to the paper as is!

The Prison
It was so cold and wet and the air smelled of human waste,
and of bodies which hadn’t seen or bathed in water, let alone had its taste.
Add to the mixture the smell of blood and death,
fouling the air so much you could not catch your breath.
It was the worst prison in the world, its warden the cruelest of cruel.
The fear was unbearable, but trying to fight it only made her a fool.
The warden had it out for her; she knew she could not stay.
In her thoughts she wanted freedom but believed there was no way.
Then it got to be that the battle was much too rough.
She began to cower and hide instead of getting tough.
The warden laughed as she shook with fear.
“This is my hell and to my music you will dance, my dear.”
She would wait until she found an open door
and one day it came and this life she could live no more.
This time she had to step outside to see,
where she could run and find a place to be free.
All she ever knew was this gnawing fear…
now she had the feeling her end was near.
The chance came up and she ran fast, leaving it all behind in the past.
She didn’t believe he could find her, but there he was and a thought did occur.
If she really tried she could hide
maybe he would go away, but she had to decide.
She now understood the truth; she would have to face the facts.
She would have to be very strong and take her life back.
It is time she stood up, this life was for her no more,
it was time for her to shut that prison door.
The fear was tearing her apart. It was breaking her heart.
No matter how hard she tried, there was no escape, so she cried.
Then one day a mirror she passed. The shock of what she saw made her gasp.
The warden of this pain and fear, all of a sudden became crystal clear.
She had the key all along. She had been told things all wrong.
This prison she had lived in all her life,
was in fact just herself that kept her in this strife.
At that moment the warden arrived again and he asked her to be his friend.
She laughed long and hard. She now knew she held the winning card.
She smiled a shining smile, telling him,
“It is to my music you will dance,
I win!”

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I want to THANK ALL MY FOLLOWERS AND READERS for all the patience you have shown me this last year. I still have not caught up but am working on it. To all the wonderful bloggers whom I follow or look in on sometimes, I try to peak in and hopefully will be more regular sooner than later. There are so many wonderful words out there I hate missing out on it. Please know I appreciate the art in all of you. I am about to start my 6th NanoWrimo, which I know many of you participate in, so my time will be spent trying to figure out a story line and plot of 50,000 words or more, which is 1700 words a day for the month of November and still fit in Thanksgiving, lol! I laugh because it seems unreachable at this moment but then I laugh because I have done 4 out of 5 times already and know I will drive myself to do it again. lol! I will try to at least post a poem or a thought or even a progress report more often. I welcome any ideas or even a line that you like. Hey who knows I may use it in the story! (with your permission ofcourse). AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR STICKING WITH ME!

I hope you enjoy A Beautiful Fall Day!

I opened my shade this morning and my heart filled with a smile,

I know many people search for that in their lives for many a mile.

My little Chinese maple with her new red coat,
is showing herself to be proud and full of hope.

Others trees and flowers starting to follow with colors of fall.
Inviting anyone to see Mother Nature and hear her call.

The mountain standing high its lines clear and strong,
letting you know on a day like this you can’t go wrong.

The sky a light blue with promises of sun,
The clouds are wisps of white letting you know that they are not done.

The message is loud and clear,
You just have to look, feel and hear.

It is all so beautiful and it is peacefully calm.
It is a most powerful healing balm.

I will take the time to go out and say,
Thank you Mother Nature for this beautiful Fall day.


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When I think of the word growing my first thought goes out to my garden and all the things blooming right now. It is spring time and that is a natural thought I think. I love to garden and that is one spot where I always think a little more clearly. There is nothing like fresh air and digging in the dirt to make my mind wander.
I also think about growing in relationship to my growth. For so many years I was stuck. I was locked up into a situation which I did not cause and could not change but I didn’t remember that I had the key to letting myself out and letting go.

I have a lot of faith but I forgot to keep it warm and running at all times. After all if you have a vehicle as powerful as Faith to move you up and forward you have to keep it going. I was locked up for a long time, but I refuse to see them as wasted years. Everyone is different and grieves, hurts and heals in their own time frame. There is a very basic reason for this and it is because everyone is different. No one is right or wrong it is just what it is.

Now I managed to step outside the walls and do many good things and participate in life in a good way on the most part. Oh yes there were lots of mistakes and a lot of missed steps but a lot of good also. But there were always the outer walls that I kept myself in. There were the walls that others didn’t see, other walls that I couldn’t climb or go around or move. Obviously I wasn’t keeping my vehicle running well. That is not living a full life.

As much faith as I had I had more fear. That fear stopped the growing. It would let me take a step forward but just as a tease. Then a new wall would appear. Fear is a powerful, mean and painful force to deal with. People don’t realize how strong of a power it is. It can overtake you life completely if you don’t hold on tight. I am stronger than I realize but sometimes not strong enough so those where the times fear took its hold and pulled me back just as I would go for the next step.

Fear and I had locked heads again for awhile and illness came in to help fear because for once I was starting to win. Well illness didn’t realize that that only made me mad, more determined and stronger. So for now fear has been pushed back as I take steps forward. I feel confident this time I will get to higher ground. I feel that this time I can fight back more because I had a tune-up on my vehicle. Faith and an open mind for growth is what I hold on to so I will grow up and out of that fear. I want to step outside the walls and am determined that I can.

I am growing and will continue to do so because that is what keeps us going! And I most certainly will take better care of my vehicle, Faith, to help me stay strong.


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First I would like to apologize to all my followers for their patience and support.  I haven’t been posting for awhile.  I have had some health issues I have been dealing with (I am ok ) and a loss in the family.  I thank you for understanding.

I am 64 years young, my heart and soul swear to it, my body screams liar, and IF and when I find my mind, IF I remember I will ask it?   Gotta Laugh Out Loud!

My dad always told me to celebrate my birthday for at least a day or a week or more.  He said “think of the alternative???)  So I try to always celebrate it.

I wrote this little ditty of a poem to remind myself it is up to me to keep my attitude young!

Another birthday is coming near

I am getting older this I don’t fear

I just want to be healthy and young in heart

And give something special for this world by doing my part

I want to be kind, generous and true

I want to make you smile when you are blue

But most of all I want you to say

That I am a very good friend of yours today

Because being kind is what counts

Everyone has stress that mounts

When we are kind it melts away

Making it easier for you to play

That is something everyone should do

Playing helps keep a younger you

Age is only a number that tells the time

The reality is in your mind and heart you will find

Young or Old is only an attitude of your choosing

Make sure you pick the right one or you will be loosing

So today I celebrate like a child

I am having fun and going wild


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Mothers aren’t perfect and they sure aren’t given a manual on how to be. Some women become mothers because they want to and some don’t it just happens. Having a baby doesn’t make you a mother. Technically yes it does in the sense you have given birth but not in the sense of loving, teaching, and raising the children to be good people and most of all to know that they are wonderful and so very much loved.


A moment, your world changes, your life is dramatically different from this moment on.

A beautiful baby is put in your arms, you are no longer the child you are the mom.

That one moment transforms your world.

It doesn’t matter if it is a boy or girl.

For most of us that moment is sheer joy.

It is tempting to see it as a toy.

But now that you hold baby & daddy makes three.

The responsibility is mainly on thee.

Never again will life be the same.

To think it is better is no shame.

As a mommy there is so much joy and love.

This baby is something you will always be thinking of.

With this child you will grow so much.

This gift has such a special touch.

With that love may come some pain

It is all worth it that into your world this baby came.

It touches your life like no other.

There is nothing better than being a mother.

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