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A Place To Be

There is a place I found

A place where nature is all around

The sky is filled with birds to sing to me

A more wonderful song there not be

The flowers and the trees all play their part

They fill my senses and my heart

But most of all it is the view

Of our majestic mountain

which stands tall and protects the valley too

Almost everywhere  you go Mt Si is seen

Once you see it you will know what I mean

It fills your heart with a sense of wonder.

It lifts you up when you ae down under.

A more beautiful view there not be.

for Mt Si is the one for me.








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Happy Holidays to All! That means Everyone!

I want to wish a Happy Holiday Season  to everyone!  That means what ever color, race, religion you are.  That means to the cooks, the maids, the CEO’s, the single parent, the kids EVERYONE!  Yes I usually say Merry Christmas but I mean no offence and I don’t think most people do it is just what many of us grew up with.  I believe in doing the right thing always but I  think this time of year is especially important to be nice to everyone.  And that means to the clerks in the stores with the long lines and the crowds.  Remember they are doing their job and it  is rough on them and when you get up to that counter and start yelling and complaining because your frustrated how do you think they feel!  Your server at the coffee shop is probably overwhelmed with the sudden rushes of people demanding coffee now so they can rush out to get gifts to spread the Xmas cheer while they bully their way through the stores.

How about the postmen and women and the UPS and Fed-Ex people, it isn’t their fault the package is late.  It isn’t their fault the roads are snowy or icy or crowded and they didn’t get to your house right at 1 pm or whatever.  How do you think they feel?    Maybe they have problems of their own and maybe they are trying to be nice to you and hide what they are going through.

During the holidays people who have problems suffer more.  Their problems seem worse. Because the holidays are supposed to be good and happy and they aren’t.   So why can’t we all be nice to each other.  If everyone just smiled and used basic manners saying Thank You and Please, and holding our impatience in someone’s day could be made so much better.    After all isn’t that what the Holidays are about???? Smiles and good feelings??? I think so.   Nothing else should matter except helping everyone enjoy them.

I have watched people rip through a store clerk over nothing.  Rudeness and bad manners are not acceptable to me at any time but during the Holidays when so many have so little and are so sad it is just wrong.

So I put out a challenge to everyone.  Please be kind to the clerks, the cleaners, the stock clerks, the people working in the restaurants, the other shoppers, to  every color and race and  your holiday will be better and so well theirs.  Is it so hard really to put on a smile??  If it is then maybe you need to be smiled at.  And maybe someone will make your day by a smile and a kind word.  If we all try maybe for this short time we could have Peace and Love and Joy for everyone.  Everyone deserves that.  Don’t forget the Police and Fireman , and Service Men and Women too, and all the people who are their for us always.

I want to Personally Thank all the clerks and workers out their that have to work in all this commotion.  I appreciate all your work and personally I have gotten many smiles and good service from you all.

I wish for you all a wonderful Holiday full of Joy, Love, Peace and lots and lots of laughter!

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This is just a little fun thing I wrote a few weeks ago when I was telling my hubby that fall was here and he said he didn’t think Summer was over yet. LOL well Mother Nature always wins and Summer can try but Fall was given permission to come on in by Mother, LOL!


Fall is here

At least it’s near

Which no one seems to notice this year

Because still today

Summer is here to play

With its warm sunny days

But with deceptive ways

Sunny days shorter now but are too hot

Pretending fall is not here

Summer not wanting to get caught

Pretending that the evenings have not chilled

Or  tree leaves haven’t  started to change with colors filled

Mother Nature is ready to rearrange

She sets the stage of colors and conditions for fall to be

Usually it’s a very  vivid show and good for all to see

So now she has to push summer out

Because the show is ready to begin

And summer will fight her all the way

Because of course he wants it to be his day

Teasing us with the heat

He is sure he has fall beat

But of course it already shows

What everyone knows

No matter how much summer tries

Fall will come for summer’s demise.





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Word Weaving

A weaver of words in and out through the woods,

up on a mountain where the sky is so blue.

I sit here and think of something new.

To contemplate those elusive words that my mind does see,

wanting to write what it is to be,

 so you visualize what I am trying to show.

If successful, you will definitely know.

The trick is to say it just right,

in addition, keep it together nice and tight.

No wandering off into ramble land,

need to keep it here if I can.

Sometimes the mind leads the way,

and the hands type more than I need to say.

I try to stop the thoughts before they go,

 choosing the ones that keep the flow.

If I am lucky and it all works out,

You will understand the thoughts I am talking about.



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Looking up at the cloudy sky

I saw an angry dragon floating by

The wind came along and blew him away

I really didn’t like him anyway

As the breeze started to whirl the clouds around

All of a sudden there was a clown

He danced in the sky with a flower in his hair

Singing along without a care

But the wind had other ideas today

And picked up and blew the clown away

The trees danced as the wind blows

Knowing that whatever the wind brings…away it also goes

I watched and waited for something new

But the wind was done and it just blew.

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Have you ever seen a piece of art that struck  something inside of you.  It was so wonderful that you never could forget it.  There are some very gifted artist out there.  I saw a picture that did that for me.  It inspired this little ditty.   I was so lucky to get to see it.





Today, I saw a Bright spot in the heavens,

Explosions of light inviting me to come up and play.

Something unique and exciting in the way of display.

Different dimensions sprinkled in and out ,

So many caverns to explore you wouldn’t know how to get about.

Dark spots in between,

Knowing that there is still beyond, another umpteen.

Places to be,

Wonderous things to see.

So hypnotizing,

to the point of mesmerizing.

The brilliant bursts of light,

the deepest shade of night,

In a spot in the heavens.

Made of so many little bits of glass,

Put together by an artist determined in his task

To create beauty that he sees

A true artist is he.



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They say the poem is a dying art,
sad to me and not too smart.

The poem can provoke positive thought,
soothe the soul and brighten the heart,
which in turn helps heal the body,
so why would we throw it away?
I don’t even know what to say!

Instead consider this,
stop and take a moment for bliss.
Read a poem as food for thought,
read how someone else feels as you do or do not.
Go places you have wanted to see,
or be the person you want to be.

They make you laugh,
and love or make you cry,
most important they make you ask why?
Your body will relax,
your mind will calm.

This is a good thing to keep around
and there are plenty of poems to be found.
If you don’t see one you like,
then how about the one you could write?
It could be a thought or a rhyme,
it could take place anytime.
It could be something about you,
or just three lines of haiku.

Bring back the Poetry I proclaim!
To take it away would be insane.
Poetry expands the mind;
this is something you will find.
Take the time to share a thought or two
and maybe bring a smile to you.

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Good Morning!  Or is it Good nite!  Sometimes I am not sure.  Today I am reposting a poem I wrote.  It has been posted before but I am seeing so many people lately having trouble sleeping.   Normally I don’t like to give advice.  But I would like to say to these people and anyone having problem sleeping to do themselves a favor.  If it is happening more and more, PLEASE,  PLEASE,  get a check up or some help.  I am not promoting  pills or any particular treatment. I can not take the pills plus I hate to see anyone get so they need them because of the danger of side effects and addictions.  BUT I am not saying don’t take some if you need to per Doctor’s advice just be careful.  That is why it is important to catch it early.  Check to see if there is a health issue causing it or maybe someone to talk to if you have something really bothering your mind.    Or do some changes to your habits that may be interfering with it but do yourself a big favor and stop it before it is a forever cycle.   Seriously I just do not want to see anyone go through what can turn into a nightmare and very unhealthy pattern.  It can  cause all kinds of issues.   Ok enough lecture, lol.    This one of the reasons my posts are not on a regular schedule.  Lack of sleep can really interfere with your life.  So to everyone  SLEEP WELL!

The Sleep Robber

It comes at night so you can’t sleep

It wants your mind for it to keep

It takes control without you inviting it in

You close your eyes but you know it will win

Make a point of thought so deep

It comes at night when you can’t sleep

You try a good thought in your mind

But it always comes is the truth you find


It took what it came for, leaving you drained

It definitely can cause you to be a bit insane

It comes at night when you can’t sleep

It does not walk in it just does creep


Nothing worked try as you may

A rude reality, suddenly it is day

It did not walk in it did creep

It comes at night when you can’t sleep


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I have not progressed well in my word count for NaNo this year. A lot of distractions have circled around me and made camp. I remember the show Wagon Train when all the wagons circled around to protect themselves from attackers. Well I stayed in my circle but the distractions put one around me and I am working on finding a way out! LOL!

This year I am learning a lot and I wrote this about that:

“I think in this world you can be too young to learn some things. But Thank God we are never too old to learn many things that we need to learn!” Lg

This poem is about that for me. It is a bit long and dark but it was very enlightening for me! Sometimes things just come out of your head on to the paper as is!

The Prison
It was so cold and wet and the air smelled of human waste,
and of bodies which hadn’t seen or bathed in water, let alone had its taste.
Add to the mixture the smell of blood and death,
fouling the air so much you could not catch your breath.
It was the worst prison in the world, its warden the cruelest of cruel.
The fear was unbearable, but trying to fight it only made her a fool.
The warden had it out for her; she knew she could not stay.
In her thoughts she wanted freedom but believed there was no way.
Then it got to be that the battle was much too rough.
She began to cower and hide instead of getting tough.
The warden laughed as she shook with fear.
“This is my hell and to my music you will dance, my dear.”
She would wait until she found an open door
and one day it came and this life she could live no more.
This time she had to step outside to see,
where she could run and find a place to be free.
All she ever knew was this gnawing fear…
now she had the feeling her end was near.
The chance came up and she ran fast, leaving it all behind in the past.
She didn’t believe he could find her, but there he was and a thought did occur.
If she really tried she could hide
maybe he would go away, but she had to decide.
She now understood the truth; she would have to face the facts.
She would have to be very strong and take her life back.
It is time she stood up, this life was for her no more,
it was time for her to shut that prison door.
The fear was tearing her apart. It was breaking her heart.
No matter how hard she tried, there was no escape, so she cried.
Then one day a mirror she passed. The shock of what she saw made her gasp.
The warden of this pain and fear, all of a sudden became crystal clear.
She had the key all along. She had been told things all wrong.
This prison she had lived in all her life,
was in fact just herself that kept her in this strife.
At that moment the warden arrived again and he asked her to be his friend.
She laughed long and hard. She now knew she held the winning card.
She smiled a shining smile, telling him,
“It is to my music you will dance,
I win!”

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Today we start Nano Wrimo. It is a contest (you basically compete with yourself) where you start a brand new story on November 1st and write at least 50,000 words in 30 days. No editing! Just writing!

As of right now I have 418 words towards at least 1700 I need for today! I consider this good since I have had lots of things I had to do and because I still do not have an idea of what I want to write this time. I have done this before but usually something comes to me at least a few days before the deadline. The good thing is I have some characters so I am introducing them, I guess you can say and even though I am not sure how or why or what about them at some point in time I will have to show them so I am starting there.

My playlist for this Nano to start out is below. Some are for inspiration, some are for fun! I have lots of great music and I will be posting as I change. Maybe you will find some good new songs from it.

“LET’S GET IT UP” (And that is for my word count!)

So for all you fellow NaNo Wrimo-ers out there I wish you the best of luck and May you words flow like wine from a bottle! May the ideas fly around your head freely and flow down to the paper easily. May you hit 50,000 before you know it and may it turn out to be a dang good story! AND THE RACE IS ON!

To my followers of this blog I will try to post something often and keep you informed about NaNo or a poem or story who knows, BUT I will try to be more consistent. Any ideas or thoughts on stories are welcomed, lol!


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