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As We Get Older!

I have heard many things about “As we get older”.    And I am now seeing a lot of these things happening as I get older.  One of them is loss.  The older I get the more loss I see.  There is not just older people either just people you know that seem to die young or old.

Of course we all expect to see our grandparents and parents go.  That is one of the hardest things.  My dad died when I was in my early 30’s  and then every now and then we would lose a friend or an uncle or two in a year.

I have started losing more and more friends.  And last year the very devastating loss of my mother.  So what does all this means.  It means that as I get older so does everyone around me and we are all approaching that age where people are dying at.

So what have I learned from this?  Well take good care of my health.  Be kind to others especially those you love their time may be soon and then they are gone.  It is too late to let them know how much you cared.      Because we never know when it is our time.

I also have learned that stress is  a big killer.  Every day I start my day now sitting outside listening to mother nature’s news cast for the day.  No TV. not even my music which I love and listen to all the time.  Music is medicine for the soul and mind and body.  But being outside sitting. listening, feeling the morning air at 5  or 6 am (or whatever time you get up will help start your day with calm and joy.  And hopefully more time to hang around with a good friend that just may not be around for long.   You may find something different that works better for you but keeping stress away from your life is critical.

Yes age does bring a lot to us, I just want to handle it with as much grace as I can and hopefully these old bones will take me  and my friends and family through to another day.  Thankfully I have discovered how to start my day right and I will be working on all the rest!   Have a Great Day!


To Our very special friend Chris V.  you will be missed and you most certainly will be remembered!



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Sleep Poem (or Lack of)

Good Morning!   Good Morning!

I have been up since four.

The problem with that,

is sleep I need more.

Again another night with this thing I lack.

It seems that I have lost that sleeping knack.

So I open my shades to look outside

and today I am grateful to be alive.

It is a decision I make everyday

because I could be grumpy in every way.

But life is too short and still so much to do

although sleep is a benefit I wish I knew!


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Art is something that is different to everyone! It can be paintings, sculptures, pictures, books, poems, and music, and dancing. It can be made from many things and it can be many things to different people. Some people will look at something and not see art; some will look at the same object and see a beautiful piece of art. It is definitely in the eyes, ears, and other senses of the beholder. There are too many forms of art to list. So to all artists and their arts I want to shout out how grateful I am to have you and your works in our lives. And I know it is not an easy life. It takes hard work and discipline and dedication and a love for the work. And the pay is not always great! THANK YOU!


Art beautifies your life.   It stimulates your senses and brings out many thoughts and emotions.

So today I picked three different types of art that I would like to give some appreciation for the gift they give to art lovers.

I want to Congratulate Juan Abeti on his on-line magazine Xcelsior. It is a tribute to art by letting artist share their work, and giving the readers opportunities to see many different styles and forms of art. It takes a lot of work and dedication and time to do this. His magazine can be found at: http://madmagz.com/magazine/full/376303/hbgfd

I also thank him and his magazine for publishing my poem “Save the Poem” in the poetry section. This is a unique magazine and I am honored to have had a place in it.

Dancing is Poetry in motion!

The other artists today I would like to Congratulate and rave about are Kora Stoynova and Simeon Stoynov. They made the Finals at the World 10 dance championships!!! They are graceful art in motion!   They teach and work hard to compete and it shows. I have had the pleasure to watch them live several times and it is wonderful to see art in their movement.

Art for the ears!

I also want to thank the music world. Something that I use a lot is music. It is wonderful and can be healing and a balm for the soul. There are all kinds of styles of music available for all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter if you like my taste in music or I like yours because there is so much to go around for every one of all different likes.


So next time you see a picture or painting you like,  or hear a great song, or see some wonderful dancing or any other form of art that stimulates your senses and brings a smile to your heart, remember to think about the artist and what they had to do to accomplish that.

If you are not sure yet of the type of art you like there are museums, books, and other means to find some. Art enriches your life with pleasure. Enjoy some today!


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First I would like to say WOW!   Have you seen all the wonderful Poetry there is here on WordPress for National Poetry month! Lots of very talented People out there and I am learning a lot from them. Thank you all for sharing.

Now about my poem here: I have a computer. I also have two kindles which I received as gifts. Do I like them? Yes I do. BUT! BUT! BUT! I still love a real book. I have too many of course even some from when I was a little girl (a VERY LONG time ago, lol). I even kept a lot of my boy’s books which I handed over to my grandkids. My sons and hubby didn’t like all the times we moved to move those books but I love books.  Books are beautiful. They have substance and texture and hopefully if you pick right great words. They are works of art. We should keep them around even with all the new ways to read a story. This poem is a rant on keeping the book.






Opening windows here and there.

Opening screens everywhere.

Who would have thought the pen is dead.

Now we have laptops instead.


If that was not bad enough,

they want to get rid of books in place of that stuff.

No books you say, I think I might die.

And most people will ask, why?


There is no way to take them away,

it is wrong I will say.

Open a book anywhere you go,

there is always something you will want to know.

Books and their words should be here forever,

they help make people very clever.


You cannot do this I stand up and shout

There is more a book is about.

What happens when the machines breaks,

and all the books away you did take?

All the wondrous words lost,

that will be at a very high cost.

Books are to be held in your hand,

to see the words that helps your mind expand.

The smell and the texture of the book you do hold,

is what makes it a special experience so bold.

There is a feeling of holding it and the turning of the page,

What will it hold you ask is more wisdom than a sage?


To receive a book is truly a gift.

It most certainly will give you a lift.

All the beautiful words they keep,

there is nothing like a good book to make you think deep.

Maybe an adventure into a foreign land,

or a trip back in time unplanned.

Whatever it may be it opens your mind,

and tickles your senses to many ventures you will find.


It can be used as a tutor,

sure you can read the book on a computer.

But the experience is lost, and at such a high cost.


So pick up a book today.

Hold it, read it and experience it in a new way.

See its value and appreciate it today.

For Reading a book is like a pleasant breeze.

It blows new thoughts into your head for you to seize.

That is what it takes for your mind to be fed.





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Good Morning to you all! I have to say I really enjoyed the A-Z Challenge. And it was quite the challenge for me. As you all know I am not a daily blogger. In fact I sometimes am not even a weekly blogger if that. So this was a lot of work for me but I really did have fun and learned a lot with it. Thank You all who followed and Thank all of you great bloggers out there who shared in this adventure.

There are many things that happen to you as a child. Some are good memories and some are not. I choose to remember all the good I can. Today is the anniversary of my Dad’s passing about 37 years ago. My dad taught me many good things and as I was thinking of my dad and our time together, I remembered these thoughts of good things my dad taught me.

My Father taught me many things.

One of which gave me wings.

Knowledge, that gave me Independence to be on my own,

that is one of the important lessons I was shown.

Another very important fact, face life with a smile, it will take you many a mile.

He believed an apple and a walk a day will help keep the doctors away.

He loved nature and the country side and said it was a great place to be.

There are so many wondrous things to see.

But most of all he had a love of learning and reading.

And with his book that was his favorite thing for the evening.

He said you are never too old to learn,

You don’t want your mind to burn.

He taught me how much in a book you could see,

While reading you can go anywhere you want to be.

Thank you Dad for all the good things your shared with me!

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Z is today what it was always meant to be.
Z runs Zigzagged and does it Zealously.
Three lines make Z long and lean and sharp it does looks.
So sad to say it didn’t earn very many pages in the book.
But Z has the strength of Zeus and well not be dismissed.
Z rides at the end of the Alphabet to collect the fair Maiden’s kiss.

April was Poetry Month so in its honor I give you a quick little poem. And to the end of the April A – Z Challenge it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. There are some wonderful bloggers out there. This challenge brought out so many of them. Thank You all. I learned so much.

And now for the Scrabble and Word game players! (These words are not capitalized in the dictionary.) Looking into the dictionary for a word a day will help you so many times with your vocabulary for the games and your brain.

Z can’t seem to make up its mind and sometimes has words spelled two different ways you will find!

Za, Zaddik (also can be spelled tZaddik), Zaffer, Zaftig(also can be spelled Zoftig), Zag,Zaibatsu, Zaire, Zamia, Zamindar(also can be spelled Zemindar), Zander, Zap, Zapateado, Zapateo, Zareba (also can be spelled Zareeba), Zarf, Zaxis, Zero, Zeta, Zinc, Zoom, Zonk, Zouk, Zwitterion, Zydeco, and yes this was a surprise to me ZZZ is in the dictionary used to represent the sound of a person snoring.

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X in Xanadu

Oh poor X lives in Xanadu, a place of great beauty and luxury but only has barely two pages of its own.

X is lonely but holds itself straight and tall because it has a secret and knows it all!

In the Scrabble Dictionary it only has one page.

In Scrabble and in Words with Friends it is worth eight points.

Those who play know how hard it is to use it.

Our family plays the Alphabet game in the car sometimes. It is where you find a word that starts with each letter. You can’t use cars or moving vehicles only signs and buildings. Well X is almost impossible to find. When someone finds one it sends the excitement level up 100 notches at least. It is a great game for trips. It helps kill time and helps kids with their letters and words and keeps the peace sometimes, lol.

Today’s words for the word games:

Xanthus, Xanthate, Xanthene, Xanthic, Xaxis, Xeno, Xero, Xi, Xu, Xylan, Xyst, Xyster.

Today I went to the dictionary and then to the Scrabble dictionary.

Good luck.
Xcellent Xercises Xcell Xcuburance. LOL!
Have a Great Day!

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W is Welcoming, Wonder, Wishing, With Wisdom!

Writers Wither Without Words!

Wiley Whistles While whittling with Wild Woods!

William Went Wild When Willy Weeped.

Where We Wander Water Waves.

Walking Waldo Wavered.

Wanting Wrongly Wastes Wishes.

Weary Women Wink, Winning Whiskey.

White Widows Whisper What Will Win.

Waltzing With Walter, Winnie Whines.

That was fun. Most of those I did without the dictionary today. W is an easy letter With lots of Wonderful Words.
And for the Scrabble and Word games:
Wick, Wade, Wag, Wend, Wet, Wheal, Whine, Whee, Wilder, Widish, Winged, Wobble, Withy, Wore, Worms, Wrap, Wry, Wulfenite, Wye, We, Wo, Wu, Wan, Wap, Wis, Wys, Wye, Wyd. (Of course none are capital in dict)

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U Brought out the word Understanding for me right away.  I actually have just recently reached an Understanding.  It took long enough but sometimes we believe too much we are told especially as an open trusting child and our hearts sometimes block the brain from realizing that.  I ask all you parents and care givers of children watch not only your actions but you words towards your kids!   What we tell our children they believe.  They grow up believing.  If we teach them they are a bum then they will believe that they are a bum and if we teach them they are a president they may just be a president.  Now many can overcome those negative believes because they find that UNDERSTANDING, but so many more don’t.  That is why we have all the broken people we do.  

Now to the children:   This is where that UNDERSTANDING comes in.  Hopefully you will learn it early.  If you gain that understanding you will see that you can teach yourself what you want to be in this life.  So start early looking for it.  UNDERSTANDING will help us all.  Some will have to work harder and longer to find it but we can.  If we are lucky we will meet people along the way to help, but it is up to ourselves to find it and make ourselves happier.   It is our mind that controls how we will react and that reaction is what can make lemonade out of lemons.  And that I truly believe that comes from UNDERSTANDING!  It can be different for everyone but I hope you all find the UNDERSTANDING YOU NEED to have a great life.

And now back to U:  It has 26 pages of its own in my dictionary.

Ulysses Understands.

U is Unique, Upright, Upstanding & Understanding.

Umbrellas unhinge unabatedly ultimately.

Unhurried Ursula Undressed

Now some Scrabble words:

Udals, ugged, ulna, ulnae, umami, ulzie,  unary, unces, unfix, uncus, umped,

Uneth, unget, ungot, ursid, usnea, usque, usury, upo, ule, ulu, uni, urb, ure, ute, ug. 

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T made me Think about Today. I know for myself I have To work at keeping my Thoughts on Today and not the past. And do not to worry Too much about The future. You can remember Things of The past but don’t dwell on it. And you must plan for Tomorrow but don’t live your whole life for it. Today is here now and should be Treated like it is The first day of your life. I also Think you should remember it could be The last day of your life so live True To yourself and your believes. Taking Time to enjoy each day makes us happier and less stressed I Think. And always be Thankful for This day.

Turbulent Tommy Tumbled Toward The Treacherous Trail To Trouble Today.

Tabloid’s Talk Trash Telling Tales.

Tailor Tony Trims Ties Taking Things Tying Them Together.

Tabulate Tiny Toys Tracking The Time To Title Them.

The Toast Tasted Terrible.

Terry Tergiversated Towards Training.

Tanya Transcends To Take The Test.

Take The Trail To The Top To Talk To The Traveler.

Treasure Times Together.

Truth Tells Triumphant Things.

Tell The Truth!

And for the Scrabble players:
ta, te, ti, to, terminous, tousle, toques, toquet, torque, tranqs, tweeze, teazel, teazle, tax, taximen, toxemic, taxites, telefax, telexed, textual, toxins, triplex, tamely, tangly, tartly, tawny, tawdry, termly, tetchy, tepefy, tetryl, thorny, thymey tiddly, tinily, tinkly, trippy, trotyl. Good Luck!

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