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Life’s many roads and side streets!

I started this post about 4 times now and all going in different ways.  I was even thinking of giving up the blog all together since this last year my attendance to it has been so bad.  I have never been a daily blogger but so much has distracted me this last year and a half that all my writing has suffered.  Practice makes perfect but you have to do it to reach that.  And I am not a quitter so as I typed almost a whole page on it I realized I could not do that.

Then I started a page but it was a rant and I didn’t get too far when I realized that I didn’t want a negative post especially since I hadn’t been on for a while.    I always try to have positive posts unless it is something I feel is important enough to rant about.  As I deleted this page to start over I was lost in my head.  Where are my poems?  Where are my stories??   Why am I at that writer’s wall again or I should say still??

So, I started this yesterday, let’s see how far we get???? Lol!!!

I find that life has many roads and side streets to travel.  Some lead to nowhere, some lead to danger, some lead to wonderful things for us to see and experience.  It is our choice how we choose to react and learn from each turn we take.  And that is what many of the turn offs and side streets are for.  Learning!  It may be something we need to learn about ourselves or others but it is put there for that.  If we choose not to learn from it then it is our choice if the outcome isn’t what we wanted, we did choose it.  It takes some of us longer to remember that, and learn these lessons but bottom line is we make the choice.  Of course, there are circumstances that come that people cannot control such as illness, death, and other issues, but it is still our choice how we handle it.  I think this last year and a half this has been one of my lessons along with patience and letting go.  I think these are hard lessons but I see now I do have control to learn and grow from these lessons.   As I change the way I look at them I see the difference on how I handle them.  And  WORK is involved.   Work is a main tool in life.  If you don’t put in the work you won’t get very far.  I have always had good work ethics but I keep forgetting to apply it to all aspects in my life especially in myself on this journey of life and its many roads and side streets.  So I am rolling up my sleeves to dig in and do the work.

Now I came back to finish this morning and still not sure if this is what I wanted to write about when I got this in my mail I figured the timing was right:

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

– Marianne Williamson

I also want to thank all my followers who stick with me.  I really appreciate your support and patience.

To the bloggers out there who put out so many good posts and every day!  That is impressive!










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My Garden of Friendships

Every time someone disappoints or tics me off I wonder if there are any nice people left anymore. I always seem to get lucky and meet someone else who shows me they still exist. I forget that this world has a way of balancing things out.  That is God’s way of taking care of us.  Sometimes I also forget to stop and smell those roses in life so I get irritated, disillusioned and impatient when I come across the thorns. I need to remind myself to look at the beautiful roses and other flowers in this world. There are so many if I am open to it and don’t let the thorns cloud my judgment about things.

Friendships with people are like gardens.  They need care to grow and bloom.  The garden needs to be constantly weeded.   Then I will be left with the flowers. If I am impatient I will end up pulling some of the flowers out with the weeds.  That will be a loss for me.  I have to tend to the garden giving of myself as it gives to me to keep it alive.  I must do the same with a friendship or it also
will die.

Every encounter we have with another is a relationship in the sense that it is a connection with each other regardless if it is short or forever. You are linked together at that time. I try to remind myself it is important that I am patient and not irritated by the weeds and be sure to use that energy tending to the flowers. Not all relationships are meant to be friendships.

Will there be disappointments and hurts?  You bet there will be but there are so many more gifts from the flowers in life. Will it be easy?  No way it is  hard work.  There is such a variety of flowers so it will be trial and error sometimes. We all have things about us that can annoy or irritate others and we all won’t get along just as all flowers don’t grow well with each other.  If we can look past that and nurture that garden it will grow and be such a gift like a relationship that turns into a friendship.

I Sincerely thank all the flowers in my Garden of Friendships!


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