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Life’s many roads and side streets!

I started this post about 4 times now and all going in different ways.  I was even thinking of giving up the blog all together since this last year my attendance to it has been so bad.  I have never been a daily blogger but so much has distracted me this last year and a half that all my writing has suffered.  Practice makes perfect but you have to do it to reach that.  And I am not a quitter so as I typed almost a whole page on it I realized I could not do that.

Then I started a page but it was a rant and I didn’t get too far when I realized that I didn’t want a negative post especially since I hadn’t been on for a while.    I always try to have positive posts unless it is something I feel is important enough to rant about.  As I deleted this page to start over I was lost in my head.  Where are my poems?  Where are my stories??   Why am I at that writer’s wall again or I should say still??

So, I started this yesterday, let’s see how far we get???? Lol!!!

I find that life has many roads and side streets to travel.  Some lead to nowhere, some lead to danger, some lead to wonderful things for us to see and experience.  It is our choice how we choose to react and learn from each turn we take.  And that is what many of the turn offs and side streets are for.  Learning!  It may be something we need to learn about ourselves or others but it is put there for that.  If we choose not to learn from it then it is our choice if the outcome isn’t what we wanted, we did choose it.  It takes some of us longer to remember that, and learn these lessons but bottom line is we make the choice.  Of course, there are circumstances that come that people cannot control such as illness, death, and other issues, but it is still our choice how we handle it.  I think this last year and a half this has been one of my lessons along with patience and letting go.  I think these are hard lessons but I see now I do have control to learn and grow from these lessons.   As I change the way I look at them I see the difference on how I handle them.  And  WORK is involved.   Work is a main tool in life.  If you don’t put in the work you won’t get very far.  I have always had good work ethics but I keep forgetting to apply it to all aspects in my life especially in myself on this journey of life and its many roads and side streets.  So I am rolling up my sleeves to dig in and do the work.

Now I came back to finish this morning and still not sure if this is what I wanted to write about when I got this in my mail I figured the timing was right:

“We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life, or you can focus on what’s right.”

– Marianne Williamson

I also want to thank all my followers who stick with me.  I really appreciate your support and patience.

To the bloggers out there who put out so many good posts and every day!  That is impressive!










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Word Weaving

A weaver of words in and out through the woods,

up on a mountain where the sky is so blue.

I sit here and think of something new.

To contemplate those elusive words that my mind does see,

wanting to write what it is to be,

 so you visualize what I am trying to show.

If successful, you will definitely know.

The trick is to say it just right,

in addition, keep it together nice and tight.

No wandering off into ramble land,

need to keep it here if I can.

Sometimes the mind leads the way,

and the hands type more than I need to say.

I try to stop the thoughts before they go,

 choosing the ones that keep the flow.

If I am lucky and it all works out,

You will understand the thoughts I am talking about.



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Good Morning to all! I am so enjoying all the poetry being shared this month. It is so amazing to me to see that there is still so many that love poetry. Poetry is a great tool to express feelings to yourself, friends, family and even strangers. And by reading all this fantastic poems, I see how so many use it for that.  Thank you all for sharing with us!


I normally don’t talk about this on my blog but I wanted to share this poem because I know a few people who are going through some really hard health issues right now and Poetry is such an excellent way to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

I have some health issues that I have dealt with for years.   But in 2002 I got sucker punched with a surprising one for me.  I had to have brain surgery and then another one in 2006. I know so many people know how health issues can scare you and change you.   I don’t want this to be about that but it helps explain this poem.   I can say I don’t think I had ever been that scared.   Poetry is such an excellent way to express one’s thoughts and feelings.   Everyone handles things different and has different beliefs.  This is the way I handled it.    I wrote this poem to God.   He read it and answered my prayer.


The Answered Prayer


The shock of it has brought me to my knees.

And I ask you God please,

help me through this.

I don’t want it to be my time.

I love You and want to be with You one day.

But I still have my sons & grandchildren I want to watch play.

I want to see them grow and of  YOU and Your wonder  for them to know.

I want to see Your beauty and Your wonderful gifts.

I ask please for more time with my best friend,

You joined us long ago and I love him so.

To feel Your air and see Your flowers,

to climb Your hills and know Your power.

I will follow Your will as you wish,

and do it gladly and thank You so.

But I will miss all the gifts I have gotten to know.

You have given me so much here,

and it is in sadness and a bit of fear,

I ask You God help me be true,

to face this thing that I must do.

Whatever You do decide,

may I be strong and in Your will abide


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Looking up at the cloudy sky

I saw an angry dragon floating by

The wind came along and blew him away

I really didn’t like him anyway

As the breeze started to whirl the clouds around

All of a sudden there was a clown

He danced in the sky with a flower in his hair

Singing along without a care

But the wind had other ideas today

And picked up and blew the clown away

The trees danced as the wind blows

Knowing that whatever the wind brings…away it also goes

I watched and waited for something new

But the wind was done and it just blew.

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Have you ever seen a piece of art that struck  something inside of you.  It was so wonderful that you never could forget it.  There are some very gifted artist out there.  I saw a picture that did that for me.  It inspired this little ditty.   I was so lucky to get to see it.





Today, I saw a Bright spot in the heavens,

Explosions of light inviting me to come up and play.

Something unique and exciting in the way of display.

Different dimensions sprinkled in and out ,

So many caverns to explore you wouldn’t know how to get about.

Dark spots in between,

Knowing that there is still beyond, another umpteen.

Places to be,

Wonderous things to see.

So hypnotizing,

to the point of mesmerizing.

The brilliant bursts of light,

the deepest shade of night,

In a spot in the heavens.

Made of so many little bits of glass,

Put together by an artist determined in his task

To create beauty that he sees

A true artist is he.



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My poems were so different when I was young.  I started so many years ago and hid them all in a box.  I got rid of most of them.  In 1967 I had a great English teacher that believed in me.  She helped me get my first poem published.  It was published in a school magazine and also a book that you entered a contest to get in.  It actually has been republished several times.     I thought I would post it today and you can see there is a bit of a change in my thoughts,lol .  I would hope so since I will be 65 this year and if there is not change in our thoughts in all that time something is wrong!   Now 1967 for some might be too young to understand all that was going on at that time.  Some will remember too well.  I hope you enjoy!







Received at the tender age of two,

It is fake

Again at the age of eight, a new model but still not real 

Now he’s taught that the gun is to kill


At fifteen a still newer model

But this time to hunt


At seventeen a better one yet

But this time it’s really out to get.


Not the deer, the rabbit, or a tin can

This target is a human man.

Shipped over to a far away place

Start shooting at every different face.

Died at the age nineteen with the gun that started his death at two.

This child could be any one of you.


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In life there are many roads to take.

There are so many cars to choose and the decision is yours to make.

You are the one who drives the car.

Without your determination you won’t go far.

What it is that you want to do?

The fact is that it is up to you.

You have the power to decide,

which way in this life you want to ride.

No matter what type of vehicle you choose,

the way you drive your life is what determines if you win or lose.

This road of life will throw in many twist and turns.

Be aware & strong so you won’t crash and burn.

Make sure your  gas tank is full and you read the map.

If you take a wrong road you may not be able to go back.

If you chose the right road, oh the wonders you will see.

It will help lead you to all you want to be.

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Six honking geese flew by me,

changing the direction I was going to see.

Opening my eyes to the other view,

knowing now what I have to do.

Weigh my options very well,

don’t let one line of vision the story tell.

Look at both directions to let you know,

all the different destinations you may go.

Opening your eyes all around,

is decision-making more profound.

It will be easier to decide this way.

In the end I did well I can say.

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They say the poem is a dying art,
sad to me and not too smart.

The poem can provoke positive thought,
soothe the soul and brighten the heart,
which in turn helps heal the body,
so why would we throw it away?
I don’t even know what to say!

Instead consider this,
stop and take a moment for bliss.
Read a poem as food for thought,
read how someone else feels as you do or do not.
Go places you have wanted to see,
or be the person you want to be.

They make you laugh,
and love or make you cry,
most important they make you ask why?
Your body will relax,
your mind will calm.

This is a good thing to keep around
and there are plenty of poems to be found.
If you don’t see one you like,
then how about the one you could write?
It could be a thought or a rhyme,
it could take place anytime.
It could be something about you,
or just three lines of haiku.

Bring back the Poetry I proclaim!
To take it away would be insane.
Poetry expands the mind;
this is something you will find.
Take the time to share a thought or two
and maybe bring a smile to you.

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I will be trying to do the NaPoWriMo .    This is like the one we do in November  were you write at least  a fifty thousand word novel in a month!   But instead  this is all poetry  and I will be posting a poem a day.  I am one poem behind so I will fill that in somewhere .  I hope you enjoy!


There will be lots of wonderful poets participating in this so you may want to check out the blogs around.


Poetry to me is like a dance with words.  It is music, words in motion.  Music can soothe your soul.  It can calm your mind! 



Good Morning, Good Morning, I say to you all.

Up at five AM seems to be my call.

My garden waits for the work to get done.

It is waiting for me, I am the one.

I pick up the weeds that get in the way.

The flowers most definitely have something to say.

They are starting to bloom and want all the attention,

They are very spoiled, a fact that I should mention.

The trees all need trimming so new buds will grow,

Sometimes it is too much work this I know.

But the pleasure of my hands in the dirt,

It is more than enough of an extra perk.

And then when the blooms do show their beautiful face,

I know that the garden is my very special place.

So I go out again at this early hour

Hoping to see all the new plants start to flower

Wishing that the weeds did not again appear

That is always my biggest fear!!

And sure enough just as I thought

They snuck up again, oh please tell me not.




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