Good Morning! It is snowing again! Where is Spring, well she must be hiding out for a bit longer. That is ok I am truly surrounded by beauty. This is something I wrote 6 to 7 years ago. But it came to mind when a prompt was put out from a Writers Group I am with on line and it was to write story using where they lived and I happened on this thru a fluke but thought I would share a poem about where I live and I love where I live so I am re-sharing this poem.


As I sit here looking around me

I am surrounded by beauty everywhere I see

Standing tall and proud swaying to the song of the breeze

All around are so many trees

When the wind is very strong some may fall

But most will stand and hold their ground

The winds try to wear them down

Just as our feet wear through our shoes

Some of the trees will certainly lose

But the others hold on forever

Thankfully leaving so many still left to be found

Rustling to the winds dance they have their own sound.

A mountain as stately as a queen

Knowing that many come for it to be seen

It reaches high up above

Looking down at the valley that it loves

Sometimes wearing a crown of snow

Other times tears running down in falls to let you know

Winter time now is gone

Spring starts singing its own song

Greens in different shades everywhere

A color wheel so vivid and varied for our eyes to see

Making me wonder if this could really be

Till the summer goes and the leaves turn getting ready to rest

They put on their gold and orange and red

Looking brilliant in their fall dress

Wonderful flowers popping up bring up more color to be found

Come out for spring and summer

Peace and quiet all around

The flowing river many times is the main sound

Birds and the bees playing chase in and out

Never worrying what it is about

The peace is touchable to your soul

Air so clean and fresh

Giving my lungs life and breath

Gardens growing with fresh food

Living like this a mind is soothed.



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This is just a little quick poem I wrote this am after trying to go out in my yard and sunk to my behind, lol! I love snow but only for a few days and maybe not quite this deep,lol!

If you are living where there is snow today I am sure you will get it!  Be safe!

Snow Snow Snow

Everywhere you look

Everywhere you go

You can’t get out

You can’t get in

Your beautiful to look at

But you know you will never win

Mother Nature is coming to take you away

She brought her winds to blow today

Later she will set loose the rain to come out

Then everything will turn to ice and you will pout

Ice is dangerous so beware

If you try to stick around you better take care

But the chances are not on your side

Maybe next time you will have more time she might decide.

But for now, we are glad you will be gone

For when you come so many things can go wrong

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This is a re-blog of two things I wrote about writing.  Several of my writing friends have talked about the times they feel blocked and it reminded me of these posts and I wanted to share with all my writing friends out there.

 I hope these at least make you laugh so you can shake off some of the stress of trying to figure out what you are or want to write.   If anything, when I did write these, they showed me I still can write, lol!  Something anyway that is what we want to do WRITE.  So, I hope you laugh and get some good thoughts for your writing. It comes to you when you are ready

My name is wildwriter. I have that name because my writing is still in wild raw form. I am learning to tame it and put it into the graceful art of a beautiful book as it belongs. Sure, the ideas are good most of the time and stories and poems spill out easily. Imagination is not usually a problem.

I think books are beautiful. They are gifts to all of our senses. They can take you anywhere in the world or universe or beyond. You can be anything and everything you ever dreamed of just by getting into the character of a good book. Every sense is stimulated. Your imagination peaked beyond everyday usage. You learn, you feel, you understand, you cry, laugh or get angry.   So many feelings can be brought out.   It is a great therapy.   Books are one of man’s greatest creations.

I am a writer. I have to keep reminding myself of this because sometimes a writer comes to a wall and it seems of late, I keep running into it. But my head is not so hard that a few rams into the wall and I realize I should climb over it before I knock myself out.

So here I sit in front of my window looking at a beautiful mountain, which should bring motivation, trying to climb the wall.   Where it will take me and will I be able to climb it, right now I am not sure except I HAVE TO CLIMB THE WALL, of that there is no doubt.

I have no story in mind, only lots of thoughts and ideas, no motivation for any certain one at this time but I have this burning desire to sit and type and type and type. Of course, I would hope at the end of all that typing would be a completely edited and finished fantastic book. And that is my dilemma. How do you go from A to Z without the perfect prompt, that perfect story to reel everyone in? And then how do you tell it is just right so that people will want to finish it.  I picture it. I see my manuscript being read and an agent calling me telling me they are going to get it published. I see myself signing the paper work after a million and one questions. I question everything. I hear the sigh of relief that this meeting is over even though they are anxious to do it. They know my book is good.

Yes, I picture it all. There is the celebration of the book sales, the excitement of seeing my name in print knowing that people all over the world will now read my book and are taken where ever I send them. And then again, the mad dash at the keyboard to put out the next one. My hair has grown long and wild. My eyes are bloodshot with big bags under them from lack of sleep. The vision of me is surreal as I watch myself. I am on a roll my eyes are glazed over from the words coming from what is left of my mind.

The sheets of typed paper are stacked high all over. The letters flow like water from a stream coming over the rocks down off a snow-covered mountain. The letter to the agents typed, the synopsis, the first 3 chapters perfected, yes it plays like a good movie over and over in my head. BUT and that is the problem, and the only word that comes to mind at this moment.

I am a writer and I have the story to tell, I just can’t seem to find it right at the moment. I know this is a common condition with writers. Many “hit the wall” at times. What do they do? I have heard lots of ideas but not one that works at the moment. I see myself hunched over the computer from exhaustion. There are four words on the page after what seems like hours of typing. They are: “I AM A WRITER!”

Why, What and When…


Who, How and Then….

I can’t seem to catch the thought,

That I originally sought.

My mind has been bent

So, the signals aren’t being sent.

The words don’t flow as they should….

They don’t flow like they could.

If, But, However or not….

I have let myself be caught.

But my mind has gone astray…

My words have gone away.

Find them I must…

Hopefully I trust.

Can’t leave it alone…

Or the DREAM will be blown.

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A Grandchild

This is a poem I wrote when I started having my grandkids.  I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my sons but let me tell you, when Your kids start having kids it is such a very special gift call GRANDCHILDREN.  It is wonderful.   When I am with them, I have such love and pride and joy.  I wrote this when my first was a few years old. Now I am BLESSED with 4 beautiful amazing grand kids.     This is dedicated to them.


TO MY GRAND KIDS, I love you all to the moon and back a billion times over!


A Grandchild

A grandchild is a very special gift

I can say it gives

grandmas and grandpas

a really big lift

You lift up our spirits

you lift up our lives

You are more important

than you realize

You are like vitamins

to keep us healthy

You keep us young by making us

want to play with you

You make us better

with everything you do

You hold our hearts in your hands

and we want you to understand;

We love you very much

and want you to know

We are here for you

no matter where you go

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I could repeat that many more times after this weekend.    Hubby and I had a totally amazing time listening and seeing some great Blues Bands at the BIG BLUES BENDER 2018.    It was in Vegas which was way too hot for me but it was worth it!  And we had so much fun with the whole adventure.

Thank you, Billy D and the Hoodoos, for letting us know about it and especially for your great music.  A great one to see out of the Portland area.  His cd’s are both good ones.   I knew Blues had a following but I didn’t know that it was such a big great fun-loving group and the most amazing Music.  If you love the Blues you can check it out at http://bigbluesbender.com/lineup/.

If you are interested you can pull them up on you-tube and listen to them.  If you are a Blues Lover you are going to find a lot of good music there.  We saw Curtis Salgado, still going strong.   The fabulous, spine tingling sounds of the Keeshea Pratt Band, she is soulful and inspirational, and the band was great, together they rocked the place.  One of those that adjusted my back, lol it works!    There was J P Soars and the Red Hots. Another adjustment, lol. Wow!   We could not stop moving or smiling.  And Mr. Sipp, the Mississippi Kid, Awesome, awesome show!    War and Treaty what a great couple and their guitar player rocked. Victor Wainwright and The Train, what he could do on a piano, well yes, I was going to say WOW again!  Oh, and Anne Harris, you rock!  I wish I had known how to really play the violin like that, lol, I might have stuck with it! Incredible. I don’t mean to leave so many out, there were so many more good ones, but I don’t have enough room to cover it, plus I didn’t get to see as many as I wished I could.  LOL!  I have to admit I couldn’t keep up at times! LOL!  There was that many good shows! 

This event went on all day and night almost.  There were different rooms or spots so there was shows going on all the time.  People were dancing into and out of everywhere.  You couldn’t help it.  The music kept everyone moving and the smiles!  Miles and miles of smiles!  Seriously the Bands, the people everywhere were grinning ear to ear. You couldn’t help it.  The music worked it’s magic and for 4 days and nights everyone was happy!

I thank all the organizers and all who helped put it together.  I thank all the wonderful, wonderful talented artists who performed.  They were all so gracious also.  Thank You!  And Thank you to all the fun people we met and shared this experience with. 

An Amazing weekend!  The Blues Rock!


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The Paper Cries Out!

I see lines on the paper

that call to my pen.

Looking for the words to form

wondering when?

The paper cries out, start to write.

The pen has developed a bad case of stage fright.

The words are circling around inside,

but when I start to write the words collide.



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Just ThoughtS!

Well I should really change my name to “the disappearing writingwildly,” lol!   I sure have done that most of the time.    I have lots of reasons why I don’t blog more often but the bottom line is that I don’t.  Not that I can’t but that I am not being focused.  I need to kick myself into gear.  I have been going through a time where I am trying to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life.  I know that I don’t want to waste it.   I saw to many important people in my life pass this last few years.  Some lived life day by day and enjoyed as much as they could.  Others hid out and well wasted away their time.  No judgments here, just sad for them.

So, then the looking in the mirror thing comes in to play and well I see so much.  I really have no reasons I don’t do the things I like or want to do.  I am just not doing some of them.  Truth hurts sometimes!  Now I am not saying that I don’t life every day.  I am very aware of how time flies how important it is to enjoy life.   I have things that I could legitimately use for reasons, but really they are still excuses some of the time.

It is just not being focused and mindful of what I need to do.  I am not going to promise that I will all of a sudden be blogging every day and they will all be great blogs, lol, that would not be me.  But I am working on a better way to handle it.

I say


I cannot say it enough and I know I don’t.   I appreciate you hanging in here.  The funny part of this is when I worked and raised my kids and ran all over like parents do, I was so organized it was almost anal. LOL.  Now when I am free to do whatever I can’t seem to be so organized.

Now for the finding ME, well I am not sure how to do that yet. lol!  Does everyone find themselves????  I wonder if there is a manual? LOL of course there are manuals for everything almost.   Anyone who has any good ideas to find themselves feel free to post in the comments, lol.

Maybe it is just reinventing ourselves in our new-found age groups that almost everyone eventually reaches if they are lucky.  And then again in this time in the world is a bit crazy, maybe we are all “trying to find ourselves”!  Good Luck!


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Valentine’s Day Everyday

Valentine’s Day what does it mean 

It is a  special day that it does seem

I know it is not the candy or flowers

 For me it is more about the hours

All the times we sat and talked

The times thru the fire we walked

To each other holding on tight

Happy to know we made it through the night

It looked like it could not be

But it is right we did see

It is the tears and the laughter we do share

knowing each of us is always there

It is those things that lead up to the day 

The gift for me is all the love you give me along the way


So to my  love I say

Happy Valentine’s Day




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I realized something lately and that is the Military Service life I grew up in did me a lot of good.  My dad served 21 years in the Air Force.  It took me a while to fully appreciate what I learned from that life.

I would first like to start out by Thanking every man and women that has ever or is now serving in services defending and protecting our country.  THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.  I also want to thank their families.  Unless you have grown up or been in the military life you don’t realize all the families go through  and the sacrifices made many times.  Moving constantly among all else.  This is very hard on the families. 

I grew up an Air Force brat moving every couple of years.  Always the new kid on the block.  Being very shy in those days it was very hard.   But it was also exciting in one way and that is that I got to see and live  in a lot of the US and lived in Japan and went to first grade there.  Japan was beautiful and very different but fascinating to see the difference in cultures.  That experience showed me a whole new world and I loved traveling even then.

Someone made a comment that set me off about another country and its people a few days back.  Thinking about it made me realize how lucky I was and am because of the fact I have been able to meet many people from around the world.  I have been blessed with an international view of the world.   That is one thing about the service you do get.   These people are my “Village” that I grew up with and learned from and saw life through their eyes even if it was for a moment.

Even when  moved to Sunnyvale California our neighborhood had several different nationalities within it.    Most of us have heard and know “it Takes a village to raise a child”.

My village was great.  I learned so much about different people and cultures and learned we are all people and go through so many of the same things.  In the service those families of the service person are a big part of that village.  Again, I thank them because I know it made a great difference in my life and how I look at things.

For me it is a good thing. It has opened me up to so much just in the fact that I got to see so much and meet so many different people from different walks of life.   I see everyone as an individual trying to make it in this world the best they can.  Doesn’t matter what the color of their skin, or shape of their eyes are.  They are just trying to survive and thrive as most of us do.   I see everyone as a  possible friend unless they themselves prove me wrong.

We were going Paris a few years back and we had someone tell us how rude “they” were over there and other negative things.  Well  i am a firm believer in you get what you put out and we went in with excitement ignoring this person’s impression.   Well we were treated great everywhere we went.   I don’t think I came across one rude person in my dealings.  But then we went in with smiles and treated them with respect and we got it back.  It was a wonderful trip.  And that has been the same for all our trips.  We will rob ourselves of meeting some wonderful people if we go with the attitude of other nationalities being bad or unequal to us.   Oh yes you will meet many bad people in life too but remember that is an individual.

Being a service brat gave me a love of travel and meeting different people.  It is wonderful to learn about others.   Again, thank you to all the service families that I had in my life and for your services that you also serve with your spouse.    

I also want to mention how blessed I was in my neighborhood in Sunnyvale.  I had 3 “other moms” whom I grew to love and cherish and taught me a lot of things during my high school years with a lot of stuff going on.  I thank you all and love you ladies!  You were there for me more than you may ever know.   THANK YOU and it is good to still talk to some of you after all these years.  I think you will know who you are if you read this!    It is not about where  your from or what you are it is how you treat others.









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A Place To Be

There is a place I found

A place where nature is all around

The sky is filled with birds to sing to me

A more wonderful song there not be

The flowers and the trees all play their part

They fill my senses and my heart

But most of all it is the view

Of our majestic mountain

which stands tall and protects the valley too

Almost everywhere  you go Mt Si is seen

Once you see it you will know what I mean

It fills your heart with a sense of wonder.

It lifts you up when you ae down under.

A more beautiful view there not be.

for Mt Si is the one for me.







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