I wrote this in March after another friend passed on.  She will be missed, then my dear Aunt, that one was harder yet.  I notice as I get older I see more people I know and love pass on.   It is just a fact of life that it will all end in death.

This poem contains thoughts that came from observing the common factors they all seemed to share.


I have seen the into the eyes of death through a loved one’s eyes,

Or at least a tease of what could be soon to come in disguise.

Glad to say a reprieve is here,

But I see they see the end in the clear.

So what do I notice of this one who may walk away soon,

they are much closer to their life’s high noon.

Fear, yes I see it there,

but in this circumstance it seems fair.

Sadness, yes of what they will leave.

Glad of the big impact they made they do believe.

Loneliness, yes it is a journey you go alone,

knowing you will never again come home.

A better place we all hope to arrive,

But still most of us want to hang on and survive.

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“I will know what I need to know, when I need to know it, and IF I need to know, why I need to know it, and that is if there is anything really to know!  (LG)


As soon as we can talk the questions begin in life.  They are never ending.  We search for the answers.  We search everywhere if necessary.    Sometimes we find the answers and that is it.  The end!!  Is it a good end, sometimes, sometimes not, but it is the end!

Then there is the answer that brings more questions and grows a life of its own.  The more you find out the less you know or worse the less you want to know.

There are the questions that have no answers, which can bring more questions.  At what point do we decide if it is just a waste of our time and precious brain power to find an answer to every question?  Well I for one have decided several things which again brought on more questions than answers.   So in the end does it really matter?   No it doesn’t most of the time.

Is it really that important to know it?  So many times it is not!

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I now realize that part of my problem with writing or I should say, lack of it  lately is I have not taken the time to slow down and look around and see all there is to see.  I used to be good at that.  The world has so much beauty if we look I think.  And if  I stop to look and enjoy some of  it instead of always being in a hurry,  I will be calmer and more at peace.

This unedited poem was written at sunrise on a beach of Kauai.  A beautiful place to be at 4:30 am.  I am up usually anyway so I took my note book and went out and sat on the beach and waited.  What a great way to start out the day.  Now to make it a habit again.   I hope this is the start of the writing flow again!

Sunrise, Sunset,

every day is the best yet.

Life without them would not be.

Take the time and look and see.

That is the problem,

that is the key; no one stops just to be.

Rushing here rushing there,

no one can be aware.

There is so much in between,

hurrying around it can’t be seen.

Making your vision narrow and hurried,

only adds up to too much worry.

When you stop it appears,

the disappearance of all your fears.

It is all right there in front of you.

Now you have to decide what to do.

Change your ways and take the time.

and so much more in life well be fine


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Sleep Poem (or Lack of)

Good Morning!   Good Morning!

I have been up since four.

The problem with that,

is sleep I need more.

Again another night with this thing I lack.

It seems that I have lost that sleeping knack.

So I open my shades to look outside

and today I am grateful to be alive.

It is a decision I make everyday

because I could be grumpy in every way.

But life is too short and still so much to do

although sleep is a benefit I wish I knew!


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The Spring Bonnet is on!

March 25, 2015

I want to write.   I don’t know why I am so tied up.  This last year or so has been full of unexpected things, some wonderful, some not.  But it has put a block on the writing but I have been doing many things to clean out old “junk” in my life including the block.  But for now here are just some thoughts on Spring.

So today I open the window and let the cold side of cool air blows in, looking at a great view of Mother Nature anxiously removing her winter coat and putting on her Spring Bonnet!   The rain is on the side of a hard drizzle whispering her song.  She sings of the passing of winter which makes her weep she says.  But secretly she smiles; glad to be rid of the old grouch winter.  She thrives on the song of the sun and the gifts Mother Nature puts out when it comes out.  Even the rain wants to be warm and free of the cumbersome things needed and required to do to protect oneself from Old grouch winter’s wrath.   Oh it has its beauty and its wonder and its fun!  It is still so much work and many times rewarded with havoc.

Spring even at its coldest shows hope and promise of wondrous things blooming everywhere shows us the way to summer and fun and games in the sunshine.  Yes the rain is happy.   Miss Spring, no matter how temperamental she may be at times is here!


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When a Writer Hits the Wall (A REBLOG)


This “writer’s block” has hit me this year again.  I have been tackling other areas in my life that needed tending too so that has helped keep me busy at least and not get totally off the path by stewing over the fact that I haven’t been writing much but I have used this time to get ready to do a lot more writing.

I am not going to make a New Year’s Resolution to start writing on a more regular basis because that is not how writing works.  For me at least I know it comes to me on its time and terms.  I just tweak it.  I will always try to write but I can’t promise it will come out.


When a Writer Hits the Wall

My name is wildwriter. I have that name because my writing is still in wild raw form. I am learning to tame it and put it into the graceful art of a beautiful book as it belongs. Sure the ideas are good most of the time and stories and poems spill out easily. Imagination is not usually a problem.

I think books are beautiful. They are gifts to all of our senses. They can take you anywhere in the world or universe or beyond. You can be anything and everything you ever dreamed of just by getting into the character of a good book. Every sense is stimulated. Your imagination peaked beyond everyday usage. You learn, you feel, you understand, you cry, laugh or get angry.   So many feelings can be brought out.   It is a great therapy.   Books are one of man’s greatest creations.

I am a writer. I have to keep reminding myself of this because sometimes a writer comes to a wall and it seems of  late I keep running into it. But my head is not so hard that a few rams into the wall and I realize I should climb over it before I knock myself out.

So here I sit in front of my window looking at a beautiful mountain, which should bring motivation, trying to climb the wall.   Where it will take me and will I be able to climb it,  right now I am not sure except I HAVE TO CLIMB THE WALL, of that there is no doubt.

I have no story in mind, only lots of thoughts and ideas, no motivation for any certain one at this time but I have this burning desire to sit and type and type and type. Of course I would hope at the end of all that typing would be a completely edited and finished fantastic book. And that is my dilemma. How do you go from A to Z without the perfect prompt, that perfect story to reel everyone in? And then how do you tell it just right so that people will want to finish it. I picture it. I see my manuscript being read and an agent calling me telling me they are going to get it published. I see myself signing the paper work after a million and one questions. I question everything. I hear the sigh of relief that this meeting is over even though they are anxious to do it. They know my book is good.

Yes I picture it all. There is the celebration of the book sales, the excitement of seeing my name in print knowing that people all over the world will now read my book and are taken where ever I send them. And then again the mad dash at the keyboard to put out the next one. My hair has grown long and wild. My eyes are bloodshot with big bags under them from lack of sleep. The vision of me is surreal as I watch myself. I am on a roll my eyes are glazed over from the words coming from what is left of my mind.

The sheets of typed paper are stacked high all over. The letters flow like water from a stream coming over the rocks down off a snow covered mountain. The letter to the agents typed, the synopsis, the first 3 chapters perfected, yes it plays like a good movie over and over in my head. BUT, and that is the problem, and the only word that comes to mind at this moment.

I am a writer and I have the story to tell, I just can’t seem to find it right at the moment. I know this is a common condition with writers. Many “hit the wall” at times. What do they do? I have heard lots of ideas but not one that works at the moment. I see myself hunched over the computer from exhaustion. There are four words on the page after what seems like hours of typing. They are: “I AM A WRITER!”

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Art is something that is different to everyone! It can be paintings, sculptures, pictures, books, poems, and music, and dancing. It can be made from many things and it can be many things to different people. Some people will look at something and not see art; some will look at the same object and see a beautiful piece of art. It is definitely in the eyes, ears, and other senses of the beholder. There are too many forms of art to list. So to all artists and their arts I want to shout out how grateful I am to have you and your works in our lives. And I know it is not an easy life. It takes hard work and discipline and dedication and a love for the work. And the pay is not always great! THANK YOU!


Art beautifies your life.   It stimulates your senses and brings out many thoughts and emotions.

So today I picked three different types of art that I would like to give some appreciation for the gift they give to art lovers.

I want to Congratulate Juan Abeti on his on-line magazine Xcelsior. It is a tribute to art by letting artist share their work, and giving the readers opportunities to see many different styles and forms of art. It takes a lot of work and dedication and time to do this. His magazine can be found at:

I also thank him and his magazine for publishing my poem “Save the Poem” in the poetry section. This is a unique magazine and I am honored to have had a place in it.

Dancing is Poetry in motion!

The other artists today I would like to Congratulate and rave about are Kora Stoynova and Simeon Stoynov. They made the Finals at the World 10 dance championships!!! They are graceful art in motion!   They teach and work hard to compete and it shows. I have had the pleasure to watch them live several times and it is wonderful to see art in their movement.

Art for the ears!

I also want to thank the music world. Something that I use a lot is music. It is wonderful and can be healing and a balm for the soul. There are all kinds of styles of music available for all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter if you like my taste in music or I like yours because there is so much to go around for every one of all different likes.


So next time you see a picture or painting you like,  or hear a great song, or see some wonderful dancing or any other form of art that stimulates your senses and brings a smile to your heart, remember to think about the artist and what they had to do to accomplish that.

If you are not sure yet of the type of art you like there are museums, books, and other means to find some. Art enriches your life with pleasure. Enjoy some today!


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de•ni•al The definition of DENIAL: As copied from The Merriam Webster dictionary on line:

“noun \di-ˈnī(-ə)l, dē-\
: a statement saying that something is not true or real : a statement in which someone denies something
psychology : a condition in which someone will not admit that something sad, painful, etc., is true or real
: the act of not allowing someone to have something
Full Definition of DENIAL
: refusal to satisfy a REQUEST or desire
a (1) : refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge) (2) : assertion that an allegation is false
b : refusal to acknowledge a person or a thing : DISAVOWAL
: the opposing by the defendant of an allegation of the opposite party in a lawsuit
: negation in logic
: a psychological DEFENSE MECHANISM in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality
— in denial
: refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant <a patient in denial about his health problems”

I may be wrong but I think it is something at one time or another so many of us have done this to themselves. I know I have. But I really have worked at trying to be as honest to myself as I can. When you look in the mirror and you feel like you are being honest and it is brought to your attention and you see denial, WOW! I am not going into the whole who, what, why and how scenario. Let’s just say that I have realized I have been denying something’s to myself. The what on this one is not the important part. It is the fact that I always thought I was pretty good about being honest with myself. And lo and behold someone pointed something to me and I was shocked. I did not even realize that I had been in denial or even suspected it. In this case scenario it was not serious but I robbed myself of enjoying part of the processes of achieving certain goals. I also set myself back on it because I didn’t even see past that wall of denial.

It has set a whole new river of thoughts crashing over the walls in my brain wondering and searching for what else I am denying. My first thoughts were what a waste of all that precious time. If it is something bad you can risk you health, your mind or your life. And why???? Well that is the question. Why do we have to deny things? Sometimes it something so painful your heart will break and this is for survival. Maybe sometimes it is shame or could be many other things. BUT I do believe at some point at least for myself I have to face it.

I don’t always like what I face but the mirror usually doesn’t lie! So now I have to make a new plan on this one and continue on. I will make sure I am with wide open eyes and wide open mind and heart as much as possible. I will question myself more to make sure I don’t go there again. I find it keeps me prisoner to the situation I am in denial about. To me denial is part of the devil’s amusement park and I don’t like those kinds of rides!


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It seems for everyone it is been a very busy summer and here it has been a hot one. I don’t do that well in really hot weather but my garden seemed to like it most of the time till it got too burned off. I hope everyone had a good summer.

I am talking like it is over and it isn’t quite yet BUT I have noticed the signs. Saturday it was over 90 degrees. And yet at night and in the early morning you could feel the drop. The sky is getting darker earlier and a bit of the haze or fog is starting to appear around. School has started. Speaking of that PLEASE DRIVE MORE CAREFULLY. Kids are all over now and are busy talking and excited and well our attention needs to be very sharp for their safety please!

I have been working on a couple of different blogs to put on but as usual not very promptly. But then I a not a everyday blogger. This is good because there are so many wonderful blogs out there and this way you have time to read different ones. For today I am reposting a poem in Honor of Fall!


Fall slipped in and it means many things.
The colors starting to peak out to see,
If they are ready to explode into the art that they will be.
It is about putting away your summer toys, shorts and tanks.
And also about giving thanks.
Ghost and goblins and pumpkins in there too.
Being careful the kids don’t scare you!
The colors POP right out of the night,
When you wake up it is everywhere in sight.
Reds and browns all around,
Vivid oranges can be found.
What a sight to behold.
Fall is my favorite if truth be told.

A mist or fog starts the day,
It is very soothing in its own way.
The air is crisper with a freshness that tingles you breath,
Subtle changes and making of nests.
Some birds leaving some birds stay,
Even some people go away!
Tucking away things for the nights so cold,
Going for walks on fallen leaves with colors so bold.
Sweaters and hats coming out,
School kids everywhere giving a shout!
The weather near perfect for such a feat,
As everyone getting ready for their winter sleep.
The nights cool down more and more.
Now you find you must shut the door.
Plants die or go and hide,
New ones planted for next year’s ride.

It also brings to your mind
Did you finish or make that find?
Of what you planned in the newness of the year,
Now that the end of it is coming near.
Can’t let it go, must attempt the goal,
It is stimulating for your mind,
And a must for your soul.

Yes fall is to finish, prepare and renew.
Some of the things you already do,
Some more adventures are on the way.
There is still some time to go out and play.
There is nothing like a crisp and sunny fall day!

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Writers Block and Then Some!

Yes I have writer’s block again, lol.

Good Morning! I am sorry to say I have not been able to work on my blog for awhile. Now I am not an everyday blogger anyway but I have not been around for awhile now. So much has happened, a lot good and some very sad. I have lost three wonderful people in my life within a year and two just in the last few months. This has reminded me that we should never take our friends, families or our love ones for granted. We are born and we all die but some are gone too soon. This is not about the loss and the sadness because these 3 were positive, happy, life loving people who lived life to the fullest. They are gone too soon but they went with a positive, gracious peace. All taught me lessons even in their death. It was a gift to have them in my life and I know they are all in a good place now.

From this I have learned and I will work on taking each day as it comes and make the best of it. I will work at leaving all the negativity behind and letting it go. I will appreciate all I have and receive. And I know that whatever happens in life, it is an opportunity to learn, grow and improve myself.

And now about this blog: I hope to get it back and running soon. A few more things have come up and it is has been a challenge but all is good. I am working on this. I most likely won’t become an everyday blogger because truthfully I couldn’t keep up with that and trying to read all the other good blogs out there. And to all my followers, I am so flattered you follow me. It keeps me looking for my best to put out there. I try to read as many as I can. Please know I learn from all of you and even if I don’t comment I am so impressed with the quality out there.

I will work on putting out the best I can. My wonderful Aunt whom I adored told me right before she passed on to keep putting out my best work. She encouraged me always. So I will commit to that. So I will be trying hard to clear my mind from all that has been blocking it and start putting out the best I can.

Thank you to all the good bloggers out there. And Thank you all so much that follow me. I am grateful and appreciate you all very much.

Have a great week!

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