Good Evening and Thank You for stopping by!   Well I didn’t get it done every day but I did get a lot more posted than usual.  I don’t think I am going to be an everyday blogger.

I have been gone all weekend but did want to finish this month with a poem.  It was written in about 5 minutes and has not been edited.  But I met a lot of really nice people today and this came to mind.  I call these my starts.  Because they come out quick and then I go back and read and edit them and sometimes they turn out totally different.  We shall see.

Have a great day!  And thank you to all my followers for all your support and encouragement and all the great bloggers out there I appreciate your work!

I met a lot of nice people today and I thank them for reminding me how much better it is to be nice!


What you put out is what you usually get back

We should never be on the attack

Now this is not written in stone

But it is a fact well known

It is really easy to try and be nice

Just think when it comes back it comes back twice

Yes some people will not participate and grumpy they will be

That will set us free

All we have to do with that someone is walk away

There is no need of someone like that in your day

So many out there are so gentle and kind

That is what stays in our mind

So if we all go out with a smile

It will take us that extra mile



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Good Morning! Well I am falling behind, but I am working on it, lol. This is a poem I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years back. It is part of a book called “The Poetry Savors” that I wrote that turned out to be over 50,000 word story in almost all rhyming poem form, lol, I didn’t do it on purpose, lol!  I am still editing it and hope to try to get it published.  This has been posted before by itself although the version has change just a touch. Enjoy your day!  Don’t forget to go check out the A-z challenge for poetry and other bloggers who are celebrating Poetry month. There are so many good writers out there.

Ok so it is now nite time and this is the sixth time I have tried to post this.  I have been having computer problems and well I am frustrated.  Hopefully this time it will work.


They say the poem is a dying art,

sad to me and not to smart.

The positive thought soothes the soul

and brightens the heart.

So why would we throw it away?

Instead consider this,

stop and take a moment for bliss.

Read a poem as food for thought.

Read how someone else feels as you do or do not.

Or go places you have wanted to see,

Be any person you want to be.

They make you laugh, and love ,

or make you cry.

And most important make you ask why.

Your body will relax, your mind will calm.

You will expand your horizons with exquisite words.

This is a good thing to keep around.

There are plenty of poems to be found.

If you don’t see one you like,

then how about the one you could write?

It could be a thought or a rhyme,

It could take place anytime.

It could be something about you,

or just three lines of Haiku.

Bring back the poetry I proclaim!

To take it away would be insane.

Poetry fills the mind.

This is a good thing you will find.

Take the time to share a thought or two,

and maybe bring a smile to me or you.



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An Exercise on Nice! (Re-blogged from April, 2011)

An Exercise on Nice! (Re-blogged from April, 2011)


When dealing with other people, always have a kind thought.

This is something that even by yourself can be taught.

Better yet say it out loud.

Make someone’s day and yourself proud.

It is worth more than you may realize.

Make someone’s day and watch their mood rise.

There is always something nice to say,

Even if it is “How are you today?”

Bring out a person’s smile.

That can take them many a mile.

Start the chain and share the joy.

Never, never Lie.  Then it won’t work.

More than that it makes you the jerk.

But if you are sincere and let someone near,

Long enough to say a kind thought for them today.

You will see the sun rise in their face and in their eyes.

It will be a good surprise.

For everyone needs a kind word.

Every day it should be heard.

What a pleasant world this would be.

If everyone could only see!

I started doing this little exercise on being nice a few years back.   Whenever I go and do my errands; grocery shopping, post office, beauty shop, or anything involving another person, I make a point of finding something nice about the person I am dealing with and compliment them on it.

It may they have a great smile or nice eyes or a great hair cut.  It may be the color they are wearing looks great on them or that their customer service is good, it doesn’t matter as long as it is honest.  I know how tough it is to work with people all day long.   We can sometimes all get cranky or impatient in situations so I check myself and my attitude by really taking time to find something nice about this person and tell them especially if they are cranky already.     I never lie or make something up.   I really look for something and sometimes that is hard but there is something good to be found in everyone, I believe that.

This usually changes the interaction and usually for the good on both sides.  It just makes getting things easier and pleasant.    It can change your whole day from bad to good.   Yes, I do it for me also.  I still have this child like world peace vision that I know so many of us still have and want.     I want everyone to feel good about themselves.   I still believe there still is a lot of good in this world and I feel now is the time to show it!


This is a re-blog from April 2011. I was reminded of this one because I used this practice of mine to find something good in everyone. This morning a friend who always compliments people ( Thank you CMB) who reminded me also so I thought I would re post this. Have a great day!


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Contemplation of One’s Mind

This is one of the thoughts poems.  I write these sometimes just to clear the cobwebs from my head.  I don’t edit them or use any form or style of poem.  Other than the rhyming there is not much structure.  It helps clear my mind.  Sometimes I type them and then toss them.  That is like getting rid of the bad thoughts because I am choosing to throw them away.  I find writing and journaling works  to help release thoughts and make room for new ones.  Have a Great Day!


Contemplation of one’s mind

Is not always so very kind

It usually is the truth but so hard to hear

Putting into one’s mind a bit of fear

Some tend to over think

it could make one crazy

and go over the brink

But as hard as it may be

It is important to see

That very important line

that no one should cross

is still where you stand behind

And you know you’re not lost.




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Facebook Friends



I remember having pen pals to write to and share

We never really knew each other and didn’t care

It was so much fun to get a letter in the mail

From a friend far away making you smile without fail

Now we have Facebook and it is lots of fun

But sometimes so many write too much and come undone

But used in the right way so many nice people to meet

Just be careful of the ones who tell lies trying to cheat

It is great to learn about others and see they are like us

Maybe we will learn to get along without all the fuss

So I thank all my Facebook friends new and old

I appreciate you all and I want it to be told

I have learned so much about you and even me

I have learned many things I do and don’t want to be!





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This is a reblog from a few years ago!   I remember sitting in the hot tub when I came up with this one, watching the wind move the clouds all around the sky, dancing and flying free!


Looking up at the cloudy sky

I saw an angry dragon floating by

The wind came along and blew him away

I really didn’t like him anyway

As the breeze started to whirl the clouds around

All of a sudden there was a clown

He danced in the sky with a flower in his hair

Singing along without a care

But the wind had other ideas today

And picked up and blew the clown away

The trees danced as the wind blows

Knowing that whatever the wind brings…away it also goes

I watched and waited for something new

But the wind was done and it just blew.

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So Many Good Bloggers!

April 11th, 2016



Blogs and Bloggers, here and there

Now they are everywhere

Some are fun and make you laugh

Some give you advice or share their craft

Lessons on this or lessons on that

Some things to learn

On this or that concern


This post is not about the poem but I feel it is important to say.

I am so impressed on how so many bloggers can write such good stuff and do it every day. Plus they manage to keep up with the bloggers they follow.  I am sorry to say I have not been able to do that.  Oh I have reasons, which are excuses even if they are real reasons.  Everyone has reasons that they could use but yet you all seem to manage.   And I am not talking about the blogs that describe what you do   each day etc.  I am talking about some of the amazing things people are writing.  I give you all big Star and thank you!

To my followers I appreciate each and every one of you. Unfortunately I cannot seem to do the everyday thing.  My mind takes a bit more time to “write”.  I try but sometimes nothing comes.   So for those of you who can good for you and thank you for sharing!


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Just Thoughts

Today I am posting some of my unstructured poems which really are just thoughts for April 9th   & April 10th.  I sometimes use these as starts to writing other poems or stories or sometimes they stay as they are.    I hope it gives you a break and you can imagine yourself just sitting out in the country side enjoy all that nature has to offer without any stresses or conflicts to bother you for the day!  Have a great  day!  For me sometimes all it takes to find peace is just to be out in the security and beautiful  settings of this planets country sides.


A Country Morning

The noise of birds singing and the soft cool breeze…

Blowing thru the trees…

Surround you; calm you, inside and out.

Feel the prickle of the slightest

Fresh dew hitting your face, bringing you alive

Feel the quiet calming peace wrap you in nature’s security



There is nothing like the peace in the morning, the sun playing peak-a-boo thru the trees

The birds singing good morning, the fresh air, the very slight breeze is cleaning softly.



Trees are natures’ fence

To keep all things among them comforted in beauty and security, protected.

Tall strong guards to protect our inner peace and give to our senses…..


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Good Morning this is dedicated to all kids to go to School and is Poetry for April 7th!

School is one of your most important things you can do for yourself.     Even adults can go to School.  As long as you are learning you are living and growing!    Please give yourselves every opportunity that you can in this life!  You Deserve it!   Have a great day!



Good morning, good morning, good morning to you

It is time to get up and go to school

It is important that you go and learn

So you can see all that can await you and what you will earn

It is not just money that will come your way

There is so much more that you will gain one day

There are more than the facts of what is in the books

It is the experience that will be the hook

Sure there may be times it won’t be what you like

But it is like riding a bike

The more you practice the better you are

Until you’re ready for a car

School is just such a tool

Finish, finish, it is really cool

You definitely are that smart

So please give yourself that big start


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Good Morning! This little ditty is for April 5th!

The mist surrounds the mountain, sweeps thru the valley so green.

It is like it is washing all this morning to make everything clean.

The sun is up there peeking through,

waiting for the mist to finish all it needs to do.

It’s supposed to be a warm one today.

Everyone wants to go out and play.

The mist starts its descent down to the ground,

just so the sunshine can come out and be found.

Everything now all clean and ready to show,

giving all it touched a shinny glow.

The clouds are white but barely there.

For today is for sunshine it is only fair!


This poem has been published In Sno Valley Writes 1st Anniversary Zine called Views, Voices & Verses 2009.

This is for April 6th!


Green trees


Running rivers

Going by

Snow capped mountains

In the rear

Elk running wild

With no fear

Trees tall all around

Everything green on the ground

Wild flower in the fields

Everything growing

Giving yield

Beautiful life calm and serene,

In this valley peacefully clean.








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